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Get One Of These Pop-Up Changing Rooms and Never Be Caught Naked at The Beach Again

* Finally change in public
* Pop-up changing rooms for the beach, camping, or photoshoots
* Portable tents and tubes

Trying to change in or out of a swimsuit can be a serious problem for beach-goers, but we just found a great solution: pop-up changing rooms.

Normally, changing at a beach with no accessible bathrooms (or bathrooms that are too gross to go near) requires a friend to awkwardly hold up a towel while we strip and change. Pop-up changing rooms offer a much more efficient means of getting in or out of your bathing suit. They’re also great for photoshoots, camping or any other outdoor adventures that might require a change of clothes in public.

Pop-up changing rooms typically look and function like a small stand-up tent, but as you’ll see below, there are some clever alternate designs that don’t require so much material. Read on to see the best pop-up changing rooms that you can order on Amazon right now.

1. Sportneer Pop Up Tent

This simple, reasonably price stand-up tend comes very highly-rated with 4.5 stars and 160 reviews. It features built-in pockets to store belongings like your phone and wallet, as well as handy clotheslines to keep your garments out of the sand while you change.

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2. GigaTent Pop Up Changing Room

GigaTent’s changing room is similar to Sportneer’s with a stand-up tent design. When set up it measures 6 feet tall, but the whole thing breaks down into a convenient portable carrying case.

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3. Sunbounce Pop-Up Changing Room

This pop-up changing room from Sunbounce comes with a higher price tag, but it’s well worth it. Instead of a tent design, it features a smart tube shape than hangs on your head from a crown-like strap. This design allows the Sunbounce to break down into a super small carrying case that’s just a little bigger than a frisbee.

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