The Best Products You Need to Know About From DUER, the Maker Of the World’s Most Comfortable Jeans

best DUER products
Courtesy of DUER

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The past couple of years have been a little weird, to say the least. We’re genuinely not going to get into it, because we know you don’t want to hear it — but there is one thing we want to get off of our chest that we simply didn’t anticipate.

If you were even getting out of bed in 2020, you were solely throwing on athleisure. The best joggers, comfortable hoodies, house slippers. You know the deal. While athleisure is most certainly still popular, it absolutely doesn’t have the same appeal as it did in 2020. Essentially, we can’t wear it all the time like we used to. Thankfully, that’s where DUER comes in.

For those of you unfamiliar with DUER, this is the brand that makes the world’s most comfortable jeans. Point, blank, period. We even said so in our end-of-year product awards, the 2021 Man. Each pair hits that ideally casual look while simultaneously holding the same amount of stretch you’d expect in the coziest sweats you’ve ever worn.

To make it even better, the majority of DUER’s fibers come from eucalyptus trees, wood chips and plants, creating some of the world’s most eco-friendly clothing you can purchase. Essentially, these are the jeans of your dreams — a pair that mimics the comfortability of everything you wore during quarantine with the visibility you need to look normal out and about in our current world.

Does it get any better than that? Well, yes, it does, because comfortable jeans aren’t the only article of clothing DUER has mastered.

Sure, we can rave for hours and hours about DUER’s jeans, but there are a number of items from DUER worth geeking about. See them all, including the iconic Performance Denim jeans we can’t shut up about, below and make this summer the summer of DUER.

1. DUER Performance Denim Slim Jeans

It’s impossible for us to start off with anything other than DUER’s Performance Denim jeans. Using mainly cotton in addition to LYCRA spandex and Coolmax All Season polyester, these mid-risers will most certainly become the most comfortable jeans you’ll ever throw on your body. Upon initial look and feel, anyone will assimilate these with just about any average pair of jeans. That is until you put them on. One leg in, you’ll want to do a split. Two legs in, the want dissipates and becomes a need. Trust us, you’ll never want to take them off.

DUER Performance Denim Slim Jeans Courtesy of DUER


2. DUER No Sweat Shorts

Shorts season is so close, we can almost taste it. Lucky for you, DUER is making one of the best pairs of shorts for warmer weather with the No Sweat Shorts. Using natural TENCEL fibers, these shorts have the ability to maximize breathability with cooling features that seem almost impossible to have in a classic pair of men’s shorts. In addition to TENCEL, the No Sweat Shorts use cotton, spandex and LYRCA polyester to lay on your legs as this summer’s favorite.

DUER No Sweat Shorts Courtesy of DUER


3. DUER Performance Denim Relaxed Jeans

These are essentially the same pair of jeans we’ve placed in the first slot, just a little baggier. For those of you that prefer a little extra room in your jean legs, the DUER Performance Denim Relaxed Jeans were made for you. Slipping them on will feel no different than throwing on a pair of sweats. And, for those of you that stay on top of trends, you probably know that baggier fits are in right now.

DUER Performance Denim Relaxed Jeans Courtesy of DUER


4. DUER The Only Tee

Contrary to popular belief, our favorite men’s jeans brand doesn’t only make pants. The Only Tee is one of DUER’s newest styles and is really pushing boundaries as far as t-shirts go. Made with pima cotton, TENCEL lyocell and nylon, this is a shirt that retains a solid stretch but doesn’t have the same material as a swim shirt. It’s lightweight to the touch with an extra casual appearance to it.

DUER The Only Tee Courtesy of DUER


5. DUER No Sweat Jogger

By keeping things cool, calm and casual, DUER’s No Sweat Jogger is the ideal all-day, everyday jogger made for whatever your day brings. Because it’s made with TENCEL, this is another ultra-breathable pair of pants from DUER. Visually, the joggers have a washed look to them that feels vintage in appearance, but don’t let it fool you, these pants are brand-new. There are a few colors available which are all made with a low-key coloration for fitting into whatever it is you’re wearing.

DUER No Sweat Jogger Courtesy of DUER


6. DUER Live Lite Journey Short

If the preppy aesthetic is more your look, check out the Live Lite Journey Shorts for a change. Visually speaking, these shorts are quite different from the majority of DUER’s clothing via vibrant colors and a shorter consistency, but they’ve got a serious attention-grabbing allure to them. There are a number of colors to choose from with each pair using fibers that will cool you down in the hotter months.

DUER Live Lite Journey Short Courtesy of DUER


7. DUER Stay Dry Denim Jacket

What’s better than a handsome denim jacket? A stretchy denim jacket that repels water. And, what’s better than a stretchy denim jacket that repels water? A stretchy denim jacket that repels water on sale. That’s the case with DUER’s Stay Dry Denim Jacket. This go-to denim jacket has the same kind of stretch you’d expect in their regular jeans, and if you’ve ever worn a jean jacket, you’ll know that they could most certainly make room for some added stretch.

DUER Stay Dry Denim Jacket Courtesy of DUER


8. DUER Performance Denim Commuter Short

Sure, jorts are most certainly controversial, but they’re making quite the comeback — especially these ones from DUER. These casual jean shorts are available in three different colors with the same texture and moveability you expect from the Performance Denim Jeans. You know, with just less leg.

DUER Performance Denim Commuter Short Courtesy of DUER