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The Best Rave Masks to Don During a Festival

Whether for health reasons or for the sake of fashion, rave masks can be very useful at a music festival, rave or carnival. But what exactly is a rave mask? Think of rave masks like bandanas or cloth masks designed specifically for fun. Sure, they’ll protect you from dust or other people if they’re sick, but you primarily wear these masks because they look cool, shine or both.

Rave maks can come in various shapes, colors and designs, which is why we love them. You can truly showcase your mood or personality and swap them in and out as you so please. Especially in a situation where you’re attending a multi-day festival or concert, you may not want to wear the same rave mask over and over (for both style and sanitary reasons). For these reasons, we highly recommend picking up a few.

For the best rave masks you can find online, take a look at our list below!

1. Sojourner 9PCS Seamless Bandanas Face Mask

A solid collection of rave masks can become pricy, but that’s not an issue with the Sojourner 9PCS Seamless Bandanas Face Mask set. All nine masks are sun, wind and insect protectants which are highly needed qualities for most rave scenarios. The masks are moisture-resistant too, so you can dance from sun up to sun down and stay as dry as you were when the day started. Say goodbye to headband headaches, these are loosely built to be stretchy and conform to most head shapes.

Pros: These are essentially nine for the price of one, so the style choices are endless.

Cons: Because they’re loosely built, they might not fit your head so great depending on your head shape.

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2. INTO THE AM Seamless Face Cover Mouth Mask

Keep heat and humidity away from your face with this breathable, moisture-controlling mask from INTO THE AM. This accurately named rave mask will have you raving the night away until the morning all while keeping you cool and comfortable the whole way through. This mask comes in over 30 versatile patterns that can transform easily into different looks depending on how you choose to wear it. From a face mask to a headband to a beanie to a hairband, the possibilities are genuinely endless.

Pros: Super versatile in style and comes in numerous patterns

Cons: None of the patterns show a face of sorts like many rave masks do, so if the skull look is more your vibe, this mask isn’t for you.

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3. iHeartRaves Seamless Face Cover

A rave mask that can be worn biking, snowboarding, skiing, running, paintballing, during yoga and more? It sounds almost too good to be true. The iHeartRaves Seamless Face Cover is a top tier, multi-purpose rave mask option that allows you to wear it whenever and however you please. Made from moisture-wicking fabric with quick-dry technology, this mask dries in minutes instead of painfully long hours. Coming in 40 different designs featuring various skulls, camo colors and everything in between, there surely has to be a mask that fits your style.

Pros: Super multi-purpose and can be used for rave events and non-rave events alike.

Cons: The fabric is a little thinner than other masks on the market.

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4. Doerix Rave Face Mask

Looking for something that will fit with no problem? The Doerix Rave Face Mask should definitely be your go-to. Made of polyester microfiber, this thing can STRETCH, so it can fit over any adult or kid’s face with ease. It’s UV protectant as well, so sunburn on that mug will be a problem of the past.

Pros: Super stretchy material that fits over any face. There are also tons of pattern options.

Cons: It’s made out to be pretty thin.

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5. Alternative Imagination Premium Quality Seamless Bandana

This infinity bandana is excellently crafted featuring hallucinogenic-esque artwork which is perfect for the rave scene. Really stand out sporting colorful mushrooms, Cheshire cats and flower patterns straight from the 70s. The material is super comfy and the mask itself is unisex, so anyone who wears it will look stylish. It also doesn’t stretch or lose shape even after constant wear. So, say hello to your new rave buddy for years on end.

Pros: Each mask features unique artwork and all are designed to be worn for years without falling apart.

Cons: Though the masks are built to last a while, they can be tricky to keep from sliding down.

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