Retro Wearables: 8 Awesome T-Shirts for Old Skool Geeks

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* Fun and unique designs by Threadless users
* High quality T-shirts in a variety of sizes
* Nostalgic graphics with all the nerdy retro appeal of a Weezer album

These nostalgic T-shirts combine retro appeal with geeky cool. Ranging from ironic takes on our culture’s quaint ideas of what the future would look like, to oh-so-relevant web 1.0 in-jokes, these threads make a sweet statement or an on-point gift for the collector, nostalgia hound or aging hipster in your life.

1. Internet Voltron Cats

Cats combine into the shape of the classic cartoon mecha Voltron. A merging of the memes, this T-shirt is like an amazing daydream that results from an entire weekend spent watching Cartoon Network and making throwback “laser cats” gifs.

Internet Voltron Cats Threadless


2. Internet Explorer

If a meme is middle-aged in dog years it’s positively prehistoric in internet years. This T-shirt lets you take advantage of our age’s accelerated trend, recycling and proclaim your nostalgia for a semi-obsolete version of a program that isn’t even out of style in some parts of the world.

Internet Explorer Threadless


3. Day Job Quit

A great one for fans of that geek culture nostalgia classic, Office Space , this shirt gives you a simple PC command that many geeks, hipsters and probably most millennials wish they could in fact, apply in real life.

Day Job Quit Threadless


4. Beer Pong

Chances are, if you went to college any time between the release of the last *NSYNC album and the signing of the Paris Climate Accord, you’ve either played or been irritated by neighbors playing Beer Pong. This shirt perfectly captures how the gloss of the years makes annoyances into pleasant recollections and good old times into bittersweet reminiscences.

Beer Pong Threadless


5. View Master

This T-shirt celebrates the awkward early days of 3D. Sure, it’s been just about everywhere since Avatar, and even immersive VR is gaining mainstream momentum, but there was a time when 3D was about amazing, clunky headsets and worlds you could explore at the mall or arcade even if getting to 3rd base was still years away.

View Master Threadless


6. VHS

Perhaps the ultimate retro format, VHS encapsulates everything tech nostalgia is about: the immediate, physical reality of the storage medium, non-streamlined packaging and of course, inaccessibility. Like what happened to the Star Trek TOS episodes you painstakingly programmed to record when they would show on UPN at midnight, only to have some careless relative record over them with an incomprehensible mix of home shopping network fragments and the Westminster Dog Show.

vhs nostalgia Threadless


7. Hoverboard

The symbol of the future we were promised by science-fiction, the Hoverboard keeps skating by on a thin sheen of bygone hipster geek nostalgia, never quite touching down on the ground of this cold, hard world.

Hoverboard Threadless


8. Esc

Who, after all, hasn’t wanted to just “CTRL ALT ESC” at one time or another? Whether it’s a subway car’s interminable journey through a tunnel when there’s only one track open, or that office party where attendance was strongly encouraged and now the interns are all on their phones on the patio and an executive from another department has cornered you and is giving you all the relationship advice you never asked for, sometimes you just want to celebrate the Esc key.

Esc Tab t-shirt All images courtesy of Threadless Threadless

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