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Purse Protection: The 5 Best RFID Blocking Wallets for Women

* Protect your wallet from electronic thieves
* These wallets protect any cards you have with RFID chips
* Choose from different styles and sizes

Long gone are the days of simple pick-pocketing. Modern wireless chip technology allows thieves and criminals to commit credit card and identity fraud without ever even seeing your wallet. Thankfully, many brands are now using RFID (radio frequency identification) blocking materials, that protect any cards you may have that contain RFID chips. We’ve found five of the most stylish-and safe-options for women.

1. iMore RFID Wallet Womens

Made of premium quality padded leather, this RFID blocking wallet will protect your credit cards from fraud and theft. Plus, it’s sleek elegant design combines function with fashion.


2. Travelambo Womens Walllet RFID Blocking Bifold 

Made of luxe vegan leather, this wallet is keeps your cards and bills organized in both a  fashionable and practical way, with 18 card slots and two zipped long slots for your cash and phone.


3. YALUXE RFID Blocking Women’s Large Capacity Luxury Clutch Wallet 

For those of you who like a larger wallet, this maroon leather design has 21 card slots, 4 full-length compartments, and a zippered pocket. The multi-storied design keeps things organized, and the wristlet feature makes it super convenient to wear.


4. Befen Women’s RFID Blocking Luxury Full Grain Genuine Leather Bifold

Made with military-grade RFID secured material, feel comforted knowing your ID and credit cards are protected from theft. It’s even large enough to fit your iPhone in, so you can have all your valuables in one place.


5. Bricraft Women RFID Blocking Wallet

Large enough so that it can function as either a wallet or a clutch purse, this style has even got a wristlet strap for easy carrying.