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Here’s Why You Should Be Carrying an RFID Wallet

If you use credit cards, a passport, a metro card or anything with a chip in it, then you need an RFID blocking wallet. Thanks to the chip implanted in your sensitive items, thieves can use a scanner to easily steal your information, including credit card numbers or private information simply by standing near your wallet, even if its safely tucked away in your pocket or bag.

RFID chips have been used in a variety of items for years in order to help businesses run smoother and improve customer experience. Clothing stores use them to easily locate items in the store or stock room. Amazon Go stores are using RFID to streamline customer shopping experiences, with items outfitted with RFID tags enabling customers to simply pick up what they want and leave the store, with the RFID chips sending information to Amazon to let them know what the customer should be charged for purchasing.

RFID chips have also become the norm for veterinarians and breeders who implant them in dogs in order to locate or identify lost or stolen pets.

As for credit cards, RFID chips enable users to simply tap their card on RFID-enabled machines rather than swipe or insert, making for a quick check-out process.

Passports in the US have been implemented with chips since 2006, so if you have a current passport, there’s a good chance it features a RFID chips that is used to track your information and help keep your data on file and safe.

RFID wallets are specially designed so that ID windows do not feature any blockage, making them a great spot for cards that require their RFID to work while in the wallet, like metro cards, security cards or ID badges.

Thefts by RFID scanner are relatively low, but with technology moving at a rapid pace, RFID blocking wallets are affordable and feature the same great benefits as traditional wallets. With no added price and lots of extra peace of mind and safety, choosing a RFID blocking wallet is an easy decision.

1. Mt. Eston RFID Blocking Trifold Bifold Mens Wallet

Using military grade RFID blocking technology, the Mt. Eston RFID Blocking Trifold Bifold Mens Wallet is the heaviest option on our list at 4.5 ounces, but it also has the most storage, boasting an impressive 18 total pockets, including 11 card slots, four oversized pockets, two bill layers and an ID wallet. The trifold wallet is made from Napa Pebble Grain leather and comes in a sealed gift box, making it a great gift. Mt. Eston backs its products with a lifetime warranty and notes that the wallet will stretch slightly to become more usable and less bulky. Customers note that Mt. Eston has excellent customer service and recommend letting the wallet air out for a few days after receiving it to allow for a chemical smell to dissipate.

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2. Travelambo Wallet

The unisex Travelambo wallet is made from refined genuine leather and is available in 25 colors. Featuring the most card slots on our list, the Travelambo has 18 card slots, one ID slot, and two zippered sections for cash and receipts. Pros of the wallet include its ample storage and zippered section, which adds an element of safety. We also like that the wallet has a two-button design will allows for a larger storage capacity. Customers note that the wallets major con is that it can be difficult to remove cards when all slots are being used.

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3. Buffway Slim Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking Leather Wallets

Lightweight and compact, the Buffway Slim Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking Leather Wallets is the perfect wallet for someone who doesn’t carry many cards and wants a wallet that won’t take up much space. Weighing only 1.05 ounces and measuring 3 1/8″ x 4 7/16″ x 1/8″, the Buffway has four card slots, one ID window, two side pockets for business cards, and one middle compartment for cash and receipts. Made from leather, the wallet is available in 18 colors and is an affordable option that still contains the necessary RFID blocking technology to keep your cards safe. One con noted by customers is that the wallet is slightly long, making it bulky for some pockets.

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