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Comfy, Cool and Cozy Bathrobes Every Woman Will Love

As a diehard bathrobe fan, the hooks on the back of my bedroom door are typically home to no less than three robes at a time. There’s the fancy robe for when I want to feel like a movie star, the lightweight, absorbent, and easy to wash everyday robe, and then there is the oversized, super thick robe that is waiting for me at the end of a difficult and stressful day. Plus, so many other robes in between.

Many hotels and spas offer bathrobes because they invoke feelings of comfort and relaxation, providing guests with a secure feeling of being at home. There’s something luxurious about wrapping yourself in an inviting material, whether it’s cotton or silk, jersey or fleece. Although there are many bathrobes that have a unisex design, today we’re focusing on robes designed specifically for women. A bathrobe is a great gift for women for several reasons.

They Never Go Out Of Style

Bathrobes are worn typically in the privacy of your own home, which means that even if you pick a style that isn’t the exact taste of the gift receiver, they will still enjoy it. It’s not like wearing the wrong sweater on the first day of school. Owning a comfortable but slightly embarrassing robe still provides comfort.

Exact Sizes Aren’t Necessary

Most robes come in specific sizes, but by the nature of their design, robes have more leeway when it comes to exact measurements. This makes them a great option for gifts since knowing a person’s general size is typically all that’s needed.

It’s a Great Gift for All Occasions

Whether you are buying for the holidays, a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, graduation, or even a housewarming, a bathrobe is a thoughtful and useful gift.

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Not All Bathrobes Serve the Same Purpose

As evidenced by the back of my door, there is not one bathrobe to rule all seasons and situations. A bathrobe that keeps a person cozy in cold months may be too heavy for wearing in the summer. A beautiful, floral print bathrobe is great to wear when you have guests staying in your home, but a full coverage, jersey-knit bathrobe may be a better daily option.

There’s a Bathrobe for Every Budget

Whether you want to spend $30 or $300 on a bathrobe, there are plenty of options to fit every budget and list of criteria. Check out some of our favorites below.


1. Pinzon Terry Bathrobe


For a great basic bathrobe that provides full coverage, breathability, is made from 100% cotton and is easy to wash, we like the Pinzon Terry Bathrobe. A great everyday robe, the Pinzon is a plush terry cotton bathrobe that is highly absorbent and ideal for wearing after the shower or a dip in the pool. A shawl collar adds extra warmth and the removable belt provides a secure closure. The robe has two large pockets, great for carrying everything from your smartphone to late-night snacks. We also like that the Pinzon is affordable enough to buy in multiples and keep on hand for guests.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Blanche Robe by UGG


Another great daily robe is the Blanche Robe by UGG. The luxurious robe is made with 92% cotton and 8% elastane for a truly comfortable robe that moves with the wearer. The double fleece robe has a lightweight finish, making it a great option for wearing year-round. A shawl collar and exposed fuzzy fleece lining add extra elements of coziness. A self-tie belt and two pockets finish off the robe, which is available in seven beautiful colors, including Seashell Pink Heather and Fresh Air Heather.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Waffle Robe by Brooklinen


For a robe that can be worn as soon as you step out of the shower, the bathtub or the swimming pool, we recommend the Waffle Robe by Brooklinen. The spa-like robe is 100% Turkish cotton and has a lightweight, fast-drying and absorbent finish. The textured robe is ideal for all-weather use and is available in sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

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Image courtesy of Brooklinen

4. Cozy Knit Bouclé Robe by SKIMS


Kim Kardashian has recently expanded her SKIMS shapewear line to include kids’ pieces and loungewear and one of our favorite items from the expanded lineup is her Cozy Knit Bouclé Robe. Perfect for lounging around the house or for times when you have to run errands but still want to be comfortable, the Bouclé Robe features ample stretch thanks to its polyester and nylon fabric. It has two side pockets for convenience and a removable belt, which can take it from an at-home robe to an out-in-public robe. Available in five color options, one of our favorite things about Kardashians’ SKIMS line is its sizing. The Bouclé Robe is available in XXS up to 5X.

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Image courtesy of Nordstrom

5. Alexander Del Rossa Women’s Plush Fleece Robe with Hood


For times when you essentially want to wear a sleeping bag, we recommend the Alexander Del Rossa Women’s Plush Fleece Robe with Hood. The super warm, ankle-length robe is made from microfiber fleece that is cozy and gentle on the skin. Inner ties ensure the robe remains secure so that even if the outer belt comes undone, no drafty air will sneak in. A hood and two pockets finish off the robe, ensuring that both your head and hands stay just as cozy as the rest of your body. Available in five sizes and 25 bold solid colors and prints, this plush robe is like wearing a warm hug.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

6. All American Jersey Robe by Honeydew Intimates


On the other side of the thermostat is the All American Jersey Robe by Honeydew Intimates. Made from super-soft jersey material, this breathable robe is ideal for wearing in warm weather. Stay covered without sweating with the Jersey robe, which features ample stretch, loose sleeves and a delicate rounded hem. Not only is this a great option for users who want to be covered but cool, we also like it as a travel robe thanks to its small footprint and easy-care finish.

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Image courtesy of Nordstrom

7. Natori Jubako Zip Caftan


For a robe that will make any woman feel like a queen, we love the Natori Jubako Zip Caftan. The satin caftan has short sleeves and a zippered front for easy wearing. The V-neck caftan features convenient side pockets and side slits for added ease when walking. Ideal for lounging around the house or wearing poolside, the caftan has a luxurious look and feel.

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Image courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

8. Karoline Fleece Robe by UGG


Do you have a favorite sweatshirt and wish it was longer so that you could wear it as a single outfit? You’re in luck. That’s essentially the idea behind the Karoline Fleece Robe by UGG. The stretch cotton robe has a sweatshirt-like finish with comfy ribbed edges for a finished look. The high/low hem adds to the impressive look of the robe, which has a removable belt and on-seam pockets. Available in several bold colors and prints, the cotton and elastane-blend Karoline is ideal for daily wear and lounging.

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Image courtesy of Nordstrom

9. Astrid Tropical Wrap in Midnight Bakery


For a lightweight robe that adds a touch of glamour to daily makeup sessions or a sexy night in, we like the Astrid Tropical Wrap in Midnight Bakery. The polyester robe is made with three-quarter sleeves and hits at the mid-thigh, providing some coverage while still looking chic. The drapey finish gives the robe a luxurious look and feel.

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Image courtesy of Nordstrom

10. Personalized Bridesmaid Robes by Bespoke Gems


Bathrobe pictures have become a staple for many bridal parties. We love bathrobes as gifts for brides and bridesmaids because they look great in photos, provide a functional purpose on the wedding day by giving the bridal party something to wear while getting their hair and makeup done, and they can be used after the big day. Bespoke Gems allows customers to completely customize their bathrobes, from the color of the robe to the floral design and the names printed on the back.

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Image courtesy of Etsy

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