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The Raincoat You’re Seeing Everywhere, from Europe to the USA

* Each raincoat is handmade
* Fit is straight and generous
* Worn by the likes of Kanye West and Lorde

Despite the advancements in more futuristic materials and special coatings to waterproof clothes, there’s a reason why rubber raincoats are still widely available. You’ve likely seen this raincoat too and for good reason — the Stutterheim Stockholm raincoat has become something of a standard over the years when it comes to protection against the rain.

But first, a quick history lesson on Stutterheim. The Swedish-brand launched in 2010 and the design of the Stockholm raincoat is actually based on founder and CEO Alexander Stutterheim’s grandfather’s jacket. The story goes that Stutterheim found the garment in the family’s barn and was in awe of its simple, uncomplicated design, so he replicated the raincoat and the rest is, well, history. It also helps that celebrities like Lorde, Jay-Z and Kanye West have co-signed on its cool factor in recent years.

Since its launch seven years ago, the Stockholm hasn’t undergone any major changes and that includes how they’re made. Which is a testament to the overall design and quality of craftsmanship. Each coat is handmade from rubberized cotton with double welded seams and comes unlined ensuring you’ll stay dry no matter how bad the rain gets.

Try it this season in this sharp-looking burgundy color, a sartorial step up from basic black, without losing any of its wearability. Pair it over a sweatshirt with jeans and sneakers for rainy nights out, or throw it on over a suit and tie for wet workdays.

Like any well-designed item, the Stockholm raincoat from Stutterheim does what it’s built to do, and it does it with high style.

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