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There’s a Reason This $80 Ski Jacket Has Almost 3000 Reviews

* Waterproof and wind-resistant outerwear
* A sensible, winter bargain
* Versatile and adaptable

If you’re headed to the slopes this winter, or just looking for a nice jacket to bundle up with and keep the snow off your cardigan as you walk to the train or your car, the best-selling ski jacket on Amazon is definitely worth a look.

Now, popularity is not always equivalent to value or quality, but sometimes the best-selling items are also the best value: there is a reason you see so many Honda Civics, after all. And it seems the buyers of ski jackets might just have enough sense to come in out of the rain.

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This mountain jacket, a bargain at around $80, comes with a water-repellent outer coating made of quick-dry fabric, so if you’ve been out in the snow you won’t turn into a soggy wet noodle as soon as you come inside and the snow melts. Plus, it has adjustable elastic cuffs to keep the wind out, and an adjustable windproof “storm hood” as well. There’s even a special channel through this inner hood for your earbuds, so you can listen to “Purple Rain,” while staying relatively cozy in a literal rain. Or maybe blast Hillary Duff, who we recall also had a song about rain.

The Wantdo ski jacket has a fuzzy, warm inner lining, so you can be comfortable on those frigid, long cable-car rides to the upper slopes. Designed for a versatile, relaxed fit, it makes great outerwear when layering and you can also wear it over a t-shirt or thermal when you just need something to keep you reliably dry.


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