Here’s Why Everyone Should Have a Sewing Kit on Standby (Plus, the Best Kits for Every Situation)

best sewing kits
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Regardless of the quality of the garment, after enough time, all of your clothing wills tart to fall apart. That might mean one of the buttons fell off, or there’s a small hole in one of the seams. Whatever the case, you have three choices whenever this happens. You can keep wearing the piece of clothing with the defect; you can throw it away; or you can repair it.

Of the three options, repairing your clothes is the most environmentally friendly and fashion friendly. You won’t need to throw away an otherwise perfectly usable bit of clothing, necessitating the production of a new pair of pants, shirt or jacket. And, you won’t need to walk around with a hole or other defect in your clothes.

Of course, mending your own clothes requires a certain amount of sewing skills. You’ll also need a sewing kit with at least needle and thread inside. To that end, we’ve listed the nine best sewing kits below. The list includes everything from basic travel picks to more comprehensive options. Take a look and pick out the best sewing kit for your needs.

1. ARTIKA Sewing Kit

The ARTIKA Sewing Kit comes with everything you need in a go-to sewing kit. Whether it’s for your house, an office or for use on the road, this fully-stocked kit includes scissors, clips, pins, needles, a thimble and, of course, plenty of thread in a variety of colors. It’s presented in a beautiful leather case which is easy to store and can fit in drawers, on shelves or in your luggage without a problem. The stylish case and comprehensive notions make this a great gift option for friends and family who love creating their own material-based products.

PROS: The fully-stocked ARTIKA Sewing Kit includes scissors, clips, pins, needles, a thimble and plenty of thread for all of your sewing needs.

CONS: For people who only need to sew up a few seams from time to time, the number of options in this kit is probably overkill.

best sewing kits artika Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Vellostar Sewing Kit

The Vellostar Sewing Kit is another comprehensively packed kit which is ideal for at-home or on-the-go use. It’s stuffed full of high-quality pieces, including needles, threads, scissors and more. To keep everything organized, each piece has its own elastic band to keep it in place. The protective case features a zipped closure, and, when closed, it sits flat enough to store almost anywhere, including inside luggage if you need it while you are traveling.

PROS: The elasticated bands built into the case makes it easy to keep your kit organized and see when items have run out or are missing.

CONS: The choice of 12 different colors of thread is relatively limited compared to many of the other kits available.

best sewing kits vellostar Image courtesy of Amazon

3. SINGER Survival Sewing Kit

For those looking for a compact sewing kit which is capable of repairing small items and creating simple products, the SINGER Survival Sewing Kit fits the bill. It’s packaged in a durable plastic case and includes scissors, tape, fabric glue, a tape measure and more. The kit comes in three different colors, and at only 7.5 by 3.7 inches, it is small enough to fit in drawers or luggage, depending on your needs.

PROS: The inclusion of fabric glue in this sewing kit makes it more functional for non-sewers.

CONS: While the kit includes white, brown and black, the included thread color choices are minimal.

best sewing kits singer Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Marcoon Sewing Kit

With thread, needles, scissors, pins and more, the Marcoon Sewing Kit is a complete yet budget-friendly answer to your sewing needs. It comes in a tough, zip-closure protective case which keeps each of the included items in their respective places with elasticated bands. The palm-sized kit doesn’t take up much space but does have everything you need for repairs and smaller projects, making it a great choice for anyone starting a new sewing hobby or for use as a home’s go-to sewing kit.

PROS: The slim design of the case makes this comprehensive kit easy to store around the house and take with you when you travel.

CONS: The middle-road size of the kit means it may be too small for keen sewers and too big for those looking for a quick-repair kit.

best sewing kits macroon Image courtesy of Amazon

5. Coleman Travel Sewing Kit

More often than not, small tears, cuts and other small annoyances like lost buttons tend to happen when you’re on the move or away from home. For that reason, it’s a good idea to keep a carry-friendly sewing kit in your car, luggage or at work, so you have a way to fix small holes or lost buttons the moment the issues occur. The Coleman Travel Sewing Kit is specifically designed for use on the road. It comes with thread, needles, spare buttons, pins, safety pins, scissors, a thimble and a threader, all packed in a travel-friendly plastic case.

PROS: The kit comes housed in a tough plastic box which is both compact and durable.

CONS: If you’re in a rush, fitting all the pieces from this kit back inside the rigid case may take longer than you want.

best sewing kits coleman Image courtesy of Amazon

6. Raine Military Sewing Kit

If your sewing kit is going to endure some tough times, make sure it’s ready for it. The Raine Military Sewing Kit is built to last, and, although it’s not as comprehensive as many options on our list, you will find the essentials you need for on-the-go repairs inside. It’s available in a range of different designs and includes buttons, bobbins, needles, pins and a pair of high-quality scissors. The small and compact kit can fit in bags, pockets and small storage spaces with ease.

PROS: The military-standard build of this kit means it’s built to last and includes everything you need for quick mending.

CONS: The limited amount of items inside the kit mean you won’t be able to complete every sewing job.

Image courtesy of Amazon

7. Inscraft Sewing Kit

If function is the main driver when it comes to choosing a sewing kit, you’re going to want the Inscraft Sewing Kit. This comprehensive kit comes with an impressive 200 individual pieces, including 41 different spools of thread, a measuring tape, a pair of stainless steel scissors, spare buttons and more. It’s great for simple home repairs or for anyone with a passion for sewing. The case sits flat when closed, which makes it easy to store on shelves, in a cupboard or in luggage, if you need it on the go.

PROS: With over 200 pieces in the kit, you’ll have everything you could want or need for projects and repairs.

CONS: The large number of pieces means your likelihood of losing something is greater than usual.

best sewing kits inscraft Image courtesy of Amazon

8. MissLytton Sewing Kit Box

The MissLytton Sewing Kit Box comes in an attractive wooden box which is available in your choice of yellow or retro brown. It includes everything you could need, from the 24 different colored threads to the gold handled scissors. The interior is organized into three individual compartments, providing plenty of space for all of your sewing essentials. Other high-quality items that come in the kit include needles, buttons, safety pins, a measuring tape and more. This extensive kit makes a great gift idea for mothers, grandmothers, frequent travelers and anyone else with a love for sewing.

PROS: The wooden storage box is both functional and a beautiful home addition at the same time.

CONS: The rigid walls of the case mean there’s a limited amount of storage space inside with no wiggle room.

best sewing kits miss lytton Image courtesy of Amazon

9. Michley Sewing Basket With Sewing Kit

If you’re looking for a beautiful sewing kit inside and out, look no further than the Michley Sewing Basket With Sewing Kit. The case is decorated with beautiful, owl-patterned fabric and boasts a locking latch and handy carrying handle. Inside, you’ll find 41 different pieces which can be organized using the included plastic tray. The kit also includes several thread spools, plenty of bobbins, a measuring tape and more. It’s the ideal home addition for families and sewing enthusiasts.

PROS: The extensive range of included items and beautiful, owl-covered exterior make this basket more than worthy of being a household’s main sewing kit.

CONS: Its large size means storing the basket takes up more space than the average mending kit.

best sewing kits michley Image courtesy of Amazon