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If You Like to Let It Rip, It’s Time to Stop and Get Yourself a Sewing Kit

* Learn to sew with these kits
* Make quick fixes and hems without a tailor
* Highly-rated options starting at just $7

Real men should know how to sew – it’s not just for old ladies.

Guys are finally getting into sewing as a way to de-stress, save money and easily make small fixes without the help of a tailor.

As a dude, there are a handful of basic sewing jobs that we typically outsource to a tailor or seamstress, such as hemming pants, mending holes or tears and patching clothes. These jobs are very easy to do at home, so driving to the tailor, dropping off your new pants and then waiting a day or two is a little excessive when you could just do it yourself.

If you’re ready to pick up the useful skill of sewing, you’ll need a decent sewing kit to get started. To help with the search, we picked the three best sewing kits you can buy right now on Amazon. Check them out below.

1. Embroidex Sewing Kit

For a simple, bare-bones option, go for this Embroidex sewing kit. It’s great for traveling or easy fixes, only costs $7, and also makes a great gift for new sewers.

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2. Artika Sewing Kit

This Artika kit comes with everything you need to get started including needles, 38 colors of thread, buttons, needles and more – all packaged neatly in a leather travel case. It’s very reasonably priced at $12, and boasts 4.5 stars with over 1,000 reviews.

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3. Singer Vintage Sewing Basket

Singer is a widely respected brand in the sewing world with high-quality products that actually last. This sewing basket is no exception with a great mix of necessities packed in a durable sewing basket that’ll make you look like a pro-sewer.

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