This Shoe Sanitizer Effectively Kills Bacteria Using UV Light

Best Shoe Sanitizer UV Pro
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* Easy-to-use alternative to shoe disinfectants
* Uses UV-C light waves to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria
* Compact and rechargeable

If you’ve ever had to disinfect your sneakers (which you should), you know how unpleasant it is. To make this vital process quicker, cleaner, and easier, this UV Pro Sanitizer was invented.

To use the UV Pro Sanitizer, simply insert it into your shoes, and leave in your closet. The device then goes to work de-sanitizing by eliminating viruses, odor-causing bacteria, mold and allergens with a 99.9% success rate. This is accomplished by utilizing UV-C light waves – the shortest ultraviolet wavelength. When the UV Pro is finished cleaning, plug it in to recharge for the next use.

UV-C light has been used for disinfecting since the mid-19th century in medical facilities and water purification with notable success, but never in everyday products such as the UV Pro. Made using Kickstarter, the UV Pro has raised over $65,000 from nearly 1,000 backers for its creation.

It eliminates the arduous process of cleaning your shoes, kills more bacteria and viruses than traditional cleaning supplies, and doesn’t cause any harm to your shoes. We’ve all put off cleaning our running shoes until our neighbors can smell them, but this UV Pro cleaner solves that by making the process more manageable and effective.

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