5 Durable Insoles To Help With Stability, Balance, and Agility

Superfeet insoles
Courtesy of Superfeet
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* Specially-designed shoe inserts to help with common foot discomforts
* Arch-support, cushioned heels and anti-fatigue insoles
* Designed to use in hiking, running and work shoes

This is a reminder to treat your feet with a little extra TLC. Shoes are not customized to fit each of us perfectly and proportionately, so thank goodness we have the option to add a little support and cushion to our footwear with insoles.

Hikers and runners especially can require an additional boost of support when taking on the outdoors, so, whether you need a thicker cushion in your work boots or a more ergonomic sole to accommodate narrow and/or flatter arches, there are a variety of insoles to consider. Make sure to look at the design of each insole before purchasing because they vary in style and cater to different needs of the foot.

And because every foot is unique, each insole will perform differently for every wearer. It may take a few tries to get it just right, but here are five recommended insoles to use with everyday work shoes or to slip into your favorite hiking boots or trail runners.

1. Timberland Pro Anti-Fatigue Insoles

With nearly 2500 reviews on Amazon, we had to include these Timberland Pro insoles that were given a majority rating of 5-stars. Consumers buy these for their Anti-Fatigue technology aimed to absorb shock and return energy back to the foot with each step. And since Timberland already has a proven track record with making excellent work boots and shoes, we trust their segue into insoles designed to provide durability and comfort to your feet while on the job.

Timberland Pro Anti-Fatigue Insoles  Courtesy of Amazon

2. Sof Sole Gel Athletic Insoles

Made from 100% foam, these Sof Sole insoles have an extra gel cushion in the heel and forefoot that makes them an excellent choice for athletes. Slip these into your hiking and trail shoes for a more breathable and moisture-wicking cruise—they even help with odor control for active shoes that get good use.

Sof Sole Gel Athletic Insoles Courtesy of Amazon



3. Superfeet Orthotic Insoles

The minds behind Superfeet are in the business of feet and they know their toes. They designed these orthotic inserts to help wearers with foot stress and discomfort after long days of standing. They have a deep cup in the heel to hold the back of the foot securely in the shoe while giving the rest of the foot a high-density cushion for a softer stride from heel-to-toe.


Superfeet Orthotic Insoles Courtesy of Amazon

4. Physix Gear Sport Arch Support Insoles

Arch support is key for comfortable shoes. This design focuses on giving its wearers with flatter feet a high arch support to alleviate pressure on their soles. Crafted from high-quality and medical-grade materials and an added non-slip heel, these are a great addition to pretty much any type of shoe from boots to, rock-climbing shoes, dress shoes and sneakers.


Physix Gear Sport Arch Support Insoles Courtesy of Amazon

5. Kailedi Sports Insoles

This everyday insole was made to absorb shock with each footfall. With arch support, an absorption film in the toe and a silicone cushion for the heel, they address the common problems with shoe discomfort. These slide in and out of shoes easily so you can use them no matter what activity you are stepping into.


Kailedi Sports Insoles Courtesy of Amazon

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