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The 11 Best Slim Wallets for the Modern Minimalist Man

The details make the difference in matters of style, as we always say, and that goes hand in hand with streamlining your everyday carry with one of the best slim wallets. Why choose a slim wallet? A slim wallet falls right in line with a sleek, minimal outfit (even something as simple as your favorite T-shirt and blue jeans) — the slimmer wallet, the easier it’ll be to slide into your front pocket without adding bulk.

It’s simple enough, but it’s vastly important to get the little things right from A to Z in our opinion, like selecting one of the best watches for men, for example, and revamping your wallet makes just as much sense, too. And at a time when not everyone carries that much cash, perhaps a slim wallet is better suited for your daily needs. Regardless, it’s a minimal and sharp style move.

In fact, many guys now look for a “less-is-more” approach, wallet makers and everyday carry gear brands have adapted accordingly.

In terms of slim wallets, there are generally four designs to look out for:

  • Card Wallet: Also known as a card case, wallets hold a few cards and do not fold. They might or might not have space for cash in the middle.
  • Billfold: Similar to the traditional leather wallet, slim billfolds are usually made out of thin leather or occasionally, more durable materials like woven nylon or canvas. Leather is the more stylish option to us, though.
  • Metal Plate Wallets: Newer minimalist wallets feature a small metal box or two metal plates in which you can place your cards. These usually have some sort of mechanism built-in for accessing your cards.

Whether you need a sleek space to stash your cash and cards, a dual-function phone case, or even an RFID-blocking wallet for travel, we’ve got you covered. The best slim wallets will streamline your everyday carry with just a few clicks — these are our favorites to shop now. 

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1. Ridge Aluminum Wallet in Gunmetal


If you’re going to shop for a slim wallet, you might as well go as sleek and minimal as possible, right? That’s been the focus of Ridge as they’ve nearly cornered the market in the category, using innovative materials and a premium approach to amping up your everyday carry. This durable aluminum wallet is both a best-seller and an original style for the brand, with customer reviews aplenty to back it up. Take your pick between adding a cash strap or a money clip (or both) and rest easy knowing this extremely well-made slim wallet is guaranteed for years to come.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Ridge


2. Bellroy Slim Sleeve Leather Bifold Wallet


The traditional wallet you’ve probably carried for years is also likely quite similar to this Bellroy wallet — at least, on paper. Most men’s wallets feature a bifold design, the better to hold multiple cards in slots on either side, but most wallets are still too bulky, not well-designed and not a true slim wallet. It’s not hyperbole to say Bellroy has focused on finding solutions to these problems with a laser-like intensity, resulting in a slimmed-down bifold that can hold four to eight cards while still clocking in at a much slimmer measurement than your standard wallet. Plus, the range of leather colorways is a nice style touch.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Bellroy


3. Tecovas Harness Card Case


Among the best slim wallets, one could argue that the card case is the OG slim wallet, with slots for anywhere from four to eight cards, usually in a double-sided fashion. They’re easy to grab and go — simply slide them into your front pocket without changing up your overall silhouette.

Tecovas takes an intriguing approach to the card case, outfitting its handsome leather design with five slots in total (two on one side, three on the other). The fact that they’ve used durable stitching, as well as hard-wearing calfskin leather — the kind that develops a nice patina over time — is a huge bonus, too.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Tecovas


4. Ridge Carbon Fiber 3K Wallet


Keeping things toned down and lightweight is the name of the game with your everyday carry these days, and that goes for both your daily commute and longer jaunts across the country. So as not to slow you down, Ridge has developed perhaps the most lightweight slim wallet in the game, truly what you should aim for when selecting one of the best slim wallets. The secret here is the use of futuristic carbon fiber for a light-as-air feel, not to mention the fact that it includes both a card slot and a money clip — while still delivering that coveted slim look.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Ridge


5. Ekster Slim Aluminum Cardholder


Nine times out of 10, so to speak, you’ll find that your wallet is designed to access cards in a horizontal fashion — but in keeping with its history of innovation, Ekster’s modern approach turns the wallet into a quick-release, vertical design. It’s uncanny, it looks quite cool and it expands your everyday carry potential even further. It’s made from space-grade aluminum, and a quick-release button deploys your cards quickly. It can also hold up to 15 cards, a massive improvement in carrying capacity in a super-slim profile.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Ekster

6. Ezra Arthur Cash Fold Deluxe


Every wallet, by its very nature, should be able to do that all-important job of carrying cash and cards, but some wallets just do that better than others — especially the more slimmed-down things get. Here, Ezra Arthur has made a simple but richly crafted design that holds an astonishing amount of cards and IDs (up to 15), yet it’s best suited for carrying cash — including a plethora of different types of international currency. That makes it one of the best slim wallets in our book. Get it in your pocket now.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Huckberry


7. Pioneer Carry Ion Cardholder


The idea of slimming down your wallet to hold the gear you need requires precision and attention to detail, and Pioneer Carry levels up that approach in a major way. While lightweight materials like aluminum are outstanding, and a rich leather wallet is also worthy of your time and cash, it’s companies like Pioneer Carry that are challenging the traditional wallet. They’re doing so by using a custom-made blend of 10XD fabric, the kind used in everything from climbing equipment as well as military gear. It’s remarkably strong yet lightweight, making for one tech-savvy slim wallet.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Pioneer Carry


8. Filson Tin Cloth Smokejumper Wallet


Look, your wallet is going to go with you to a lot of different places, including some extreme situations — depending on your profession and your love of the great outdoors. Filson took the time to fashion a highly durable, impossibly rugged wallet at the request of firefighters, using its Tin Cloth fabric to turn the wallet from a functional style accessory into a must-have necessity for rugged guys on the go. It’s designed as a pocket wallet, and while it’s not the most ultra-slim option on this list, it might be the toughest.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Filson


9. Montblanc Sartorial Wallet


The more you use something, the more important it is that it’s extremely well-made and designed with premium details. A simple adage that might be, it’s all the more important when your wallet is going to be on display in some fashion each and every day. Montblanc is famed for its precise writing instruments and its everyday carry essentials, and this handsome wallet is slim in nature and design, with an air of effortless elegance for daily use.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Montblanc


10. Johnston & Murphy Leather Super Slim Wallet


There are all sorts of shades of leather out there to explore in the world of wallets, but it’s sometimes nice to be able to rely on a slim black leather wallet with a no-nonsense design. Much like its business-ready dress shoes this wallet is well-made and designed without too many frills, although it does feature a helpful cut-out window for displaying your ID. It also retails for a shade above $40, so it’s a reliable and affordable style choice.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Nordstrom


11. Nimalist AirTag Trackable Wallet


We’ve all been there, with a wallet left behind or lost in a frustrating place — but that’s a thing of the past with this ingenious wallet from Nimalist. They’ve designed it to pair up with Apple AirTag (also known as Apple’s “Find My” technology). Simply use your phone to track down your misplaced wallet, and rest easy knowing that it’s also stylish, distinctive and highly functional. There’s even a middle internal slot to bolster its carrying capacity, in addition to external card slots. And all the while, its design will prove slim and sleek.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Nimalist


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