Less Is More: 9 Best Wallet Styles for the Modern Minimalist

slim wallet
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* Minimalist wallets to make life more portable — and convenient
* Dual function phone cases and traditional wallets
* Slim wallets prevent bulky pants and pockets

While modern life mandates that we always carry more stuff, we think it’s best to occasionally do with less. That’s why we rounded up our favorite minimalist wallets. Whether you need a sleek space to stash your cash and cards, a dual function phone case, or even charging capability, we’ve got you covered. Check out the list and click through to learn more.

1. Leatherette Wallet Case

Handcrafted from premium leatherette, this phone case by FYY has space to store your cards, cash and ID. Plus the kickstand design lets you set it up to watch videos and Facetime without having to hold your phone.

FYY Premium PU Leather Wallet Case Image courtesy Amazon

Leatherette Wallet Case


2. CardNinja Self Adhesive Credit Card Wallet

With enough space to accommodate eight cards, cash and even earbuds, the CardNinja Self Adhesive Credit Card Wallet makes your minimalist dreams come true. Just attach it to the back of your phone and go about your day while you enjoy the slim convenience of this innovative cardholder.

CardNinja Self Adhesive Credit Card Wallet Image courtesy Amazon

CardNinja Self Adhesive Credit Card Wallet


3. Nomad Charging Wallet

Get the organization of a well-crafted wallet with the added convenience of a power bank from the Nomad Wallet. It’s a wallet, power bank and USB cord all in one. Despite holding enough power to fully charge your iPhone, it’s still less than an inch thick.

nomad wallet Image courtesy Amazon

Nomad Charging Wallet


4. Civpower iPhone 7 Plus Leather Wallet Case

Crafted from genuine cowhide leather, this kickstand wallet case protects your phone against scratches, dust, dirt and drops–all while providing a space for your cards and cash. Even better, it includes a magnet that lets you use it with a car mount.

Civpower iPhone 7 Plus Leather Wallet Case Image courtesy Amazon

Civpower iPhone 7 Plus Leather Wallet Case


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5. Jack Spade iPhone and Credit Card Case

Designed to fit the iPhone 6/6s/7/7+ models, this wallet case from Jack Spade features a hidden compartment with enough space to accommodate three cards. Get maximum convenience and minimum bulk — ideal for nights out and other times when you don’t want to carry a wallet. Plus, the Jack Spade design is classic, cool and presentable.

Jack Spade iPhone and Credit Card Case Image courtesy Shopspring.com

Jack Spade iPhone and Credit Card Case


6. Boostcase Carte Blanche Utilitaire Portefeuille

Crafted from premium Napa leather and outfitted with silvertone hardware, the Boostcase Carte Blanche Utilitaire Portefeuille boasts five internal card slots, two interior full-length pockets for cash, one vertically zippered pocket and a horizontal zippered exterior pocket.

Boostcase Carte Blanche Utilitaire Portefeuille Image courtesy WallpaperSTORE

Boostcase Carte Blanche Utilitaire Portefeuille


7. Coach 3-in-1 Grain Leather Wallet

Crafted from genuine leather and styled with playful patch details, this double billfold from Coach has eight card slots and a removable ID insert for added convenience–perfect for liquor store runs and Sunday brunch.

coach wallet Image courtesy Shopspring.com

Coach 3-in-1 Grain Leather Wallet


8. Paul Smith Colour Band Interior Wallet

Made in Italy from calf leather and styled with a multicolored interior, this billfold from Paul Smith makes a subtle statement. It’s great for gifting, as it comes with an included box. A metallic gold Paul Smith signature at the exterior signifies high quality to all who see it.

wallet paul smith Image courtesy Shopspring.com

Paul Smith Colour Band Interior Wallet 


9. Conceal Plus Card Blocr

Crafted from aluminum for identity theft protection, this minimalist wallet features a trigger that automatically fans out your cards for quick and easy access. It’s so slim that you’ll hardly notice it in your pocket, and it comes with a 2-year risk-free money back guarantee.

Conceal Plus Card Blocr Image courtesy of Amazon

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