The Most Comfy, Stylish Slippers You’ll Want to Live In

Best Slippers
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Whether you’re buying them for yourself or as a gift, everyone loves slippers. Supportive, comfortable, warm and soothing, slippers are like little spas for your feet, helping to keep them warm first thing in the morning, providing support when you need to run outside for the mail, or giving your feet a break at the end of a long day of standing.

Slippers are often thought of as gifts to give and receive around the winter holidays, but we love wearing slippers all year round. Even in warm weather, slippers provide added support and comfort on hard floors, with their thick rubber soles being ideal for people who live in homes with tile or wood flooring. Slippers are also a great option for people who don’t like outside shoes being worn in their home, with slippers still providing support and comfort without the millions of germs from the outside world being brought into your home and stomped into your rugs and carpet.

Of course, slippers are also perfect for cold weather. Often lined with fleece or faux fur, slippers provide warmth, which is especially important for people with poor circulation or diabetes, with slippers keeping feet warm and helping blood flow.

We often don’t realize how much time we spend on our feet inside our home, with foot support still important after getting home from a long day of work. Slippers that provide support through an elevated arch or thick rubber base help to correct posture and take the pressure off our shins and knees.

Whether you want a pair of slippers for warmth and comfort or to keep your feet feeling safe and supported while spending time in and around your home, we’ve got great options in our list below.


1. Women’s CLPP’LI Slip On Faux Fur Warm Winter Mules

Made with a warm and fashionable faux fur trim lining, CLPP’LI Slip On Mules have a synthetic suede upper and synthetic rubber sole unit that includes a tread. Backed by one-year warranty, we like that the CLIPP’LI have six color options and can be hand or machine washed on gentle. Recommending one shoe size up when ordering, the slippers are described as ‘house shoes,’ offering more stability and less comfort than traditional soft-sole slippers. Customers like that they can wear the CLIPP’LI mules outside but note that they don’t perform well on wet surfaces and quickly lose their tread.

CLPP'LI Slip On Faux Fur Warm Winter Mules Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Women’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers

An extra comfy option on our list, the Cozy Memory Foam Slippers have an ultra-soft plush fleece lining and a fuzzy knitted exterior. The high-density memory foam insole molds to the user’s feet and retain the shape, making them comfortable and easy to wear. The slippers will stretch a bit after a few wears, adding another layer of customized comfort. Pros of the slippers also include its no-skid rubber base, great for anyone with tile or wood flooring. Like the CLIPP’LI, the slippers can be hand or machine washed. Customers recommend ordering one size up but note that the slippers will stretch slightly after a few wears.

Cozy Memory Foam Slippers Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Women’s BOBS from Skechers

Designed with 100% cable knit sweater for a warm and soft exterior and faux fur interior, the BOBS from Skechers have a clog design that includes ¾ inch rubber heel, which adds enough lift that customers can wear the slippers inside and for a short trip outside to the garage or backyard. You can feel good about purchasing BOBs, with the company donating proceeds from each sale of slippers to help save the lives of cats and dogs.  Customers with foot issues, like plantar fasciitis, said they liked that the slipper had some firmness, which gave them the support they needed and were pleased that BOBs fit true to size. One con noted by a few customers was that they felt like the slipper didn’t feel secure on their foot and flapped like flip flops when walking. The slippers also have a big price tag.

BOBS from Skechers Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Men’s Rockdove Two-Tone Memory Foam Slippers

For a breathable pair, try these memory foam slippers: waffle knit uppers let your feet breathe, so you can enjoy a soft, comfortable pair of slippers without the added heat, even on hot summer days. For added comfort, the memory foam insole conforms to your feet, giving you customized support and a plush feel. The easy slip-on style is great for lazy days lounging around the house, and the rubber sole allows you to step outside to grab the mail or newspaper without getting your slippers dirty or wet.

Men's Rockdove Two-Tone Memory Foam Slippers Image courtesy of Amazon



5. Men’s ULTRAIDEAS Cozy Memory Foam Slippers

These super cozy, classic slippers are an affordable option for pampering your feet. The slip-on design and durable rubber sole make these a convenient pair of slippers for both lounging around at home or taking a quick walk outside. The waterproof bottom grips will also keep you safe from slipping on wet hardwood or tile. The high density memory foam and cushioning insole helps relieve stress on your feet and will leave you feeling relaxed and pampered. Plus, the soft faux wool lining will keep your feet warm while also wicking away any moisture, keeping you as comfortable as possible.

Men's ULTRAIDEAS Cozy Memory Foam Slippers Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Men’s RockDove Moc Slipper With Anti-Odor Fabric

If you’re prone to hot and sweaty feet, you’ll want to try these anti-odor and moisture-wicking slippers. The Silvadur anti-odor fabric releases silver-ions to get rid of any odor causing bacteria, and the cotton knit upper and moisture-wicking terry lining helps keep your feet cool and dry. While letting your feet breathe, you’ll also enjoy the memory foam insoles with a minor arch support for optimal comfort and stress relief. The slippers also have rubber soles with anti-skid traction to protect you from slips and falls.

Men's RockDove Moc Slipper With Anti-Odor Fabric Image courtesy of Amazon