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The Best Ski and Snowboard Goggles For Clarity and Contour on the Slopes

* Don’t mess around with basic goggle lenses
* High-tech lenses for better optics and performance slopeside
* See rough terrain more visibly and maintain clarity in changing light conditions 

As the snow continues across the states, we are reminded to squeeze in those final weeks of powder sessions before spring hits. And when preparing for shifting weather patterns and unpredictable winter conditions, one of the most valuable investments for your winter gear lineup is a high-performing pair of ski and snowboard goggles.

Clarity is key on the slopes, and when inclement weather is working against you, you really can’t afford to not have the best optical clarity when headed downhill. We have rounded up three effective goggle lenses with 100% UV protection for the intense high-altitude sunlight, and specific lens technology designed for all-season riding.

Remember that when choosing between lenses, make sure you know what conditions you are preparing for so you can get the ideal lens for your next winter adventure.

1. Electric Photochromic Goggles 

Electric’s photochromic rose lenses are your answer to seeing more clearly when riding in unpredictable conditions, from low light to bright light. These specific colored lenses actually adjust to the changing light on the slopes and the rose tint is ideal for riders who want a trustworthy option for a variety of weather. Their anti-fog and anti-reflective coatings offer continued clarity through wet and snowy weather and give riders precise vision when making turns on sunny days.

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2. Smith Optics XL Snow Goggles

Smith Optics has been a competitive player in the eyewear game for quite some time. Their largest cylindrical goggle yet, the Squad XL, is meant for larger faces who need full coverage with a rimless frame when taking on the great outdoors. With the Chromapop integrated technology, colors are made more vibrant, but still natural, by filtering two wavelengths of light that can cause potential color confusion. So, riders can expect crystal-clear vision and clarity of features while wearing these goggles.

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3. Oakley Prizm Ski Goggles

Oakley has tackled the annoyance of undefined slopes and bumpy tree runs by creating a goggle lens that sharpens visuals for highly accurate assessments of snow conditions and terrain. The naked eye cannot discern what these Prizm lenses can. They are engineered to adjust to all types of outdoor lighting with enhanced contrast in changing light conditions, from blown-out sunny days to blizzarding white-outs.



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