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5 Winter-Ready Gifts For The Guy Who Shreds

* Gift the shredder guy in your life with this must-have gear
* Brands we love including Gnarly, Oakley, and Burton 
* Technical and trendy apparel that will stand up to the icy elements 

You wouldn’t let your partner, bestie, or travel buddy leave the house without the right outdoor winter camping gear or technical bag to carry it all in. So, don’t let him depart without looking his winter best with apparel that stands up to the iciest conditions. From Burton’s 2-in-1 winter gloves that give you touchscreen capabilities to Oakley’s ski goggles for incredible visibility, these are five staples for every shredder’s wardrobe.

Technical and trendy apparel do not have to be mutually exclusive. The below products both stand up to the winter conditions and make a super cool statement on the slopes.


1. Gnarly Retro Jacket

The Laguna Beach company is known for its retro and bold apparel that makes a statement and gets the job done. Whether trekking through the Sierra Nevada’s mid-winter or hitting the slopes for spring riding, this purple and black Anorak jacket is a waterproof shell that can be layered with a hoodie for chilly days. The large pocket up front is a throwback to older styles giving it a vintage flair with contemporary colorways.

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2. Blackstrap Face Mask

On below freezing days in the backcountry, this face mask will protect your face and neck from windy elements. With a fitted style that wraps everything but your eyes in moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric, you can focus on the next line instead of the biting cold. The Blackstrap’s dual-layer mouth, neck, and face design is a breathable material that comes in five colorways.


3. Oakley Ski Goggles

Oakley is one of the top eyewear options for sports enthusiasts who need excellent visibility in all conditions. We love these matte white ski goggles paired with bright blue anti-fog lenses that cut through glare and provide die-hard shredders with clarity on sunny and overcast days.

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4. Burton 2-in-1 Gloves

Cold hands? No thank you. Don’t let your favorite mountain man leave the house without a dependable pair of gloves. Burton is a go-to brand for all snowboard gear and these 2-in-1 gloves commit to your warmth and durability. Let’s start with the Thermacore insulation and fleece-lining to keep hands dry through frigid temps, then we have the removable liners for downhill spring skiing days or backcountry hikes uphill, and lastly, there are the touchscreen fingers that let you have complete use of your smartphone while on the chairlift. Sold.


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5. Eurosocks Ski Socks

Put your best foot forward. Elevate your ski and snowboard boots with these men’s super supportive socks that ensure your downhill riding in stiff boots are made as comfy as possible. Designed with cushioned support and shock absorption, every ski jump landing is met with soft support in your boots. This is an easy and obvious gift for the shredder who is always ready to rip.

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