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The Ultimate Sock Drawer: The 12 Best Socks for Men, Tested & Reviewed

There comes a time in the year when flip-flops get tucked back in the closet. If you’re a summer sandal enthusiast, stepping back into shoes might bum you out. But don’t fret — comfortable socks are afoot! Before slipping on your favorite sneakers, make sure to cover your feet in the best socks for men. It’s rather amazing how the wrong pair of socks can ruin the feel and performance of a really great shoe.

The best socks for men might be hard to distinguish. Today, there are so many different shapes, materials and styles available, and it largely depends on what activities you have planned. From hiking socks and ankle socks to no-shows and wool socks, the possibilities are endless for any climate and circumstance.

If you haven’t yet discovered a sock style that suits your vibe, don’t worry — we tested a range of the most popular sock brands and styles to help you decide which socks are worth adorning on your feet. After testing dozens of socks for comfort, longevity and function, we selected the 11 best socks for men. Whether your sole intent is to keep those toes warm in winter or you’re simply looking to replenish your go-to pair, read on to check out our top picks.


The Best Socks for Men, at a Glance

1. Best Socks for Men Overall: WORN Low Show — $15 at WORN

2. Runner Up: Bombas (Various models) — Check Prices at Bombas

3. Contender: LÉ BENT Light Micro Tab Run — $18 on Amazon

4. Best Colorful Socks: Happy Socks Jumbo Wave — $16 at Happy Socks

5. Best Athletic Socks: Darn Tough Vermont Men’s Element Quarter Lightweight Athletic Sock — $18.95 at Backcountry

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6. Best Athletic Socks (lightweight): Decathlon Van Rysel 900 — $16.99 at Decathlon

7. Best Everyday Low-Cut: SAXX Whole Package (two-pack) — $26.95 at SAXX

8. Best Casual Socks: Coalatree Diamond Java — $20 at Coalatree

9. Best Specialty Sock: Smartwool Bike Zero Cushion — $20 at Smartwool

10. Best Men’s Crew Socks: Gold Toe Men’s Outlast Crew (three-pack) — $20 at Amazon

11. Best Multi-pack (4 Pairs & Up): Fruit of the Loom Men’s Dual Defense Cushioned (12-pack) — From $11.97 at Amazon

12. Best Dress Socks: SuitSupply Dark Grey Regular Socks — $16 at SuitSupply


The Best Men’s Socks for 2022

The best men’s socks make your foot feel secure and handle anything you throw at it over the course of a day. It should do this time and time again and endure through laundry, storage and long hours of standing and movement.

Brands have a million different approaches to this, but expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. You should consider different kinds of socks based on activity and climate. You wouldn’t wear a full-cushion, calf-high insulator in July, but you also can’t be caught in a Montreal winter without something appropriate to shield your feet from the elements.

Lastly, the sock needs to complement your shoe. Too much sock crammed into a shoe can lead to blistering and other discomforts — nobody wants that. Finding the right sock for you means taking a wider look at what your needs are.


1. WORN Low Show

Best Overall

Best For: Those who want to wrap their feet in glorious, durable comfort.

Why We Chose It: The Low Show checks almost every box for a warmer weather sock and comes in at a reasonable price for a single pair.


  • 53% Coolmax
  • 43% Wool
  • 4% Elastane
Lazy loaded image

WORN is a relatively unknown brand, but their proprietary “Arrowool” blend, a mixture of Merino wool, a cooling material and elastane, is surely on its way to higher notoriety as one of the best materials for men’s socks. Arrowool feels pillowy soft through day-long wear and washes with ease.

Better yet, the material performs incredibly well regardless of the application. Need a solid summer hiking sock? Here you go. How about ski or snowboard socks that’ll bring new levels of comfort to your descents? Right here.

Whether cold weather, a hot summer day or a stroll down the block, Worn has proven to be a rising heavyweight in the sock game. Not only is this one of the best socks for men, but at $15 a pair for their low-cut style, it’s a great buy with serious durability coupled with long-term performance.


  • Supreme comfort
  • Proven durability and performance
  • Great color range


  • None

2. Bombas Socks for Men


Best For: Athletes looking for performance socks that live up to the hype. Anyone that appreciates a give-back brand.

Why We Chose It: We’ve tested a variety of Bombas socks for men, and they all lived up to the hype. The brand’s athletic socks are super comfortable and long-lasting.


  • 51% Polyester
  • 33% Nylon
  • 12% Cotton
  • 4% Spandex
Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Bombas

We asked one of SPY’s resident fitness experts, Senior Commerce Editor Taylor Galla, to test out the Bombas line and see if it lived up to the hype. She went into the test very skeptical, and she came back raving about these popular socks. In particular, we found that they’re long-lasting compared to the average athletic sock, but they’re also long-lasting compared to high-end running socks.

For runners, these socks will help you avoid blisters, hot spots and pain during long runs. For everyday use, they’re just plain comfortable. And for hikers, they’ll hold up well even on the toughest outdoor adventures, helping you avoid blisters and stay on your feet.

Bombas is also a give-back brand, which means they donate socks every time you make a purchase.


  • Super comfortable
  • Variety of styles and value-packs
  • Bombas donates socks with each purchase
  • Unique cushioned design


  • They’re expensive

3. LÉ BENT Light Micro Tab Run


Best For: Those in the know who want high-level performance without showing it.

Why We Chose It: Because it performs really well and took us by surprise.


  • 44% Rayon from Bamboo
  • 19% Merino Wool
  • 35% Nylon
  • 2% Elastane
Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Le Bent

This writer’s secret to sock wear is finding a neutral-looking, high-performance athletic sock to wear for just about anything in the spring and summer. You need more from a sock in the summer, and there are more athletic crossover options available now than ever.

LE BENT’s low-cut, light-cushion product here wasn’t initially meant for this purpose, but the all-black option fits the bill nicely. The mix of bamboo-sourced rayon, Merino wool, nylon and just a bit of elastane proves to be temperature-regulating when you need it and tucks away with a slightly lower cut as compared to other socks.

The only downside is that the rayon takes a bit more than one cycle to fully dry, but that’s a small price to pay for one of the best men’s ankle socks that could find its way into your full-year foot covering rotation.


  • Super comfortable
  • Almost no-show with the right shoes
  • Really secure fit


  • A bit pricey
  • Takes longer to dry

4. Happy Socks Jumbo Wave

Best Colorful Sock

Best For: Those who want undeniable personality in their socks.

Why We Chose It: The sheer variety of options and Happy Socks’ sustainability mission is a very welcome bonus here.


  • 86% Cotton
  • 12% Polyamide
  • 2% Elastane
Lazy loaded image
Happy Socks

Happy Socks always seemed to be the irreverent, sort of kitschy brand of the sock world; wacky designs and a swaying purpose, all in a largely dress sock format. And yet, they’ve stayed put in the best men’s dress socks conversation.

The brand has made strides, not only through some unique partnerships, but trendy designs featuring better materials and various give-back efforts. Above all, they’ve remained true to their mission and continue to put out dozens of designs that will match any style.

Plus, the socks are comfy. The Jumbo Wave seen here is just one example of a playful style that would feel right at home with sneakers or a casual suit.

If you’re not into waves, consider one of their best-selling prints, the Big Dot, which has become a classic in the fun socks world.


  • Fun, fun socks
  • Good length in most sizes
  • Seem to hold up well through wear and tear


  • Thin material
  • Personality is not for everyone

5. Darn Tough Vermont Men’s Element Quarter Lightweight Athletic Sock

Best Athletic Socks

Best For: When you need a do-it-all athletic sock built for anything.
Why We Chose It: Legendary DTV durability in a secure, simple fit that’ll take anything you throw at it. Plus, lifetime warranty!

  • 53% nylon
  • 43% merino wool
  • 4% lycra
Lazy loaded image

For a long time, Darn Tough Vermont stuck to hiking and burlier pursuits, saving their craftsmanship and technology for a specific segment of outdoor enthusiasts. This lighter, quarter-length sock represents a welcome shift from that while keeping everything there is to love about these Vermont-made products.

True to name, they’re tough, but breathable, and seem to be up to the task of any activity you have in mind. They also run great in the laundry and don’t lose their shape over time. I personally have several pairs from years past that are just as good as the day I bought them.

Not only did we find these to be the best athletic socks for men, but they also come with a lifetime warranty. It’s a larger investment at the start, but having a reliable sock like this one is worth it. It may also be the start of a much larger DTV collection as part of your go-to wardrobe.


  • Phenomenal durability
  • Exceptional comfort
  • You’ll still be wearing these a decade from now


  • Initially expensive
  • One color choice (for now)

6. Decathlon Van Rysel 900 (two-pack)

Lightest Athletic Socks

Best For: No-nonsense cyclers and summertime activity enthusiasts

Why We Chose It: Basic, no-frills performance from a brand you might remember from childhood.


  • 5% spandex
  • 95% polyamide
  • 7.9” high in EU sizing (40-42)
Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Decathlon

Although one of the most popular sporting goods brands in Europe, Decathlon has a surprisingly small presence in the U.S. & Canada today. The big-box store makes just about every sports item under the sun from bikes to snorkels and does so with basic performance in simplistic presentation.

I wasn’t expecting much from these out of a 20-miler, but found them to be surprisingly temperature-regulating on a warm morning, and ready for more from a walk-around after. They’d also make a great hiking sock for warm weather, and even a neutral choice for city treks.

They also come in as a budget choice at under $17 for a two-pack.


  • Phenomenal durability
  • Exceptional comfort
  • You’ll still be wearing these a decade from now


  • Initially expensive
  • One color choice (for now)

7. SAXX Whole Package (two-pack)

Best Everyday (Low-Cut)

Best For: A reliable choice for casual summer wear

Why We Chose It: Dependable and easy to love, it seems the underwear mainstay has figured out socks


  • 40% BodyFresh nylon
  • 37% cotton
  • 20% nylon
  • 3% elastane
Lazy loaded image

You’ve probably heard of (or are currently wearing) Saxx underwear, which SPY previously rated as the best men’s underwear. They turned the boxer game on its head with a unique pouch system alongside a range of fun colors and collars.

Can they also make the best socks for men? Saxx, they’ve turned to socks and have come up with a great low-cut silhouette that’s an excellent choice for that ankle-showing look. Our testing revealed a snug (but not too snug fit), and ongoing performance after a wash. We like the feel of the sock and noted how it kept up through the course of the day.


  • Great overall fit
  • Very comfortable
  • Good durability


  • Limited color choices
  • Ankle cut might be too deep for some

8. Coalatree Diamond Java

Best Casual

Best For: A range of non-athletic uses — day and night.

Why We Chose It: We love the fun pattern and multi-situation use.


  • 60% cotton
  • 40% recycled coffee ground material
Lazy loaded image

We know, socks made from coffee grounds? It sounds strange, but it’s actually a very interesting way to upcycle. One of the best men’s socks for sweaty feet, the used grounds soak up odor and extra moisture and end up making for a well-insulated, great-performing everyday sock. It also keeps grounds out of the landfill or compost pile.

The extra insulating cushion means more support in a sock category that often lacks it. The design is fun (but not too fun), and these could even step in as a dress sock in a pinch. Even better, after several washes, they remain just as functional as day one.


  • Lovely design
  • Unique comfort over extended wear
  • The odor-removing capability of the material really does work


  • Only the one pattern option
  • Crew line might be too low for some

9. Smartwool Bike Zero Cushion

Best Specialty Sock

Best For: Biking, of course, but easily other sweat-heavy pursuits.

Why We Chose It: It was near-impossible to find another sock that performed as well under demanding athletic conditions.


  • 3.25” height
  • 47% Merino Wool
  • 47% Nylon
  • 2% Recycled Nylon
  • 4% Elastane
Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Smartwool

It’s no surprise that a Smartwool sock made the best men’s socks list given the immense of amount of tech and research that goes into their products.

This sock, in particular, is incredibly light, yet punches way above its presence. Our testing proved top security and movement during tough workouts with zero blisters or chafing. While we’re not crazy about the color schemes, we gave that a pass because of the overall performance.

Whether you’re looking for the best cycling socks for men or just a great athletic option, this is a must-consider. As with other Smartwool socks, they are on the higher side of the price scale, but the overall package merits that cost.


  • Fantastic moisture-wicking
  • Feet stay cool regardless of the activity
  • Really secure fit


  • “Unique” color choices
  • Fits somewhere between a quarter-length and ankle style

10. Gold Toe Men’s Outlast Crew (three-pack)

Best Crew

Best For: Economical, day-to-day performance.

Why We Chose It: True to name, these crew socks do “outlast” the competition.


  • 48% Polyester
  • 33% Viscose
  • 16% Nylon
  • 3% Spandex
Lazy loaded image

Crew socks are a tough category because there are so many competitors and so much variation for a single product.

We found these from Gold Toe to be the best crew socks for men because of the great arch support and “break-in” feel where the socks become more comfortable as you wear them. At $20 for a three-pack, it’s also a value buy.

While they may not have the absolute best quality, you should get a few seasons of wear out of them.


  • One of our best value buys
  • Reinforced stitching and seams where it matters
  • Solid fit


  • Probably not a winner for long workouts
  • Long-term durability may be an issue

11. Fruit of the Loom Men’s Dual Defense Cushioned (12-pack)

Best Multi-Pack

Best For: High sock needs without dropping a ton of money.

Why We Chose It: Great performance and superior value.


  • 76% Polyester
  • 22% Cotton
  • 2% Spandex
Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Amazon

Economy socks also have a wide range of performance and quality, but these Fruit of the Loom socks did quite well, all things considered.

The low-cut fit is standard amongst others tested, and they performed well after a run through the laundry. We like them as an all-day wear choice in the warmer months, especially with the low price tag.


  • Exceptional value
  • Competitive wear
  • Good functionality


  • Definitively basic
  • These won’t last as long as some of the other brands mentioned

12. SuitSupply Dark Grey Regular Socks


Best For: Guys in suits who need a king among dress socks that won’t fall down while he’s walking.

Why We Chose It: It’s simply — they don’t fall down.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Lycra cuffs inside
  • CO2 Neutral Production
Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of SuitSupply

As if having to wear dress shoes wasn’t punishment enough, trying to find the best dress socks can take months of trial and error. Save your money and grab the best dress socks we’ve found to date — the Regular Socks from SuitSupply. The name might not stick out, but that’s kind of the point. These dress socks are a perfectly subdued dark grey, which is, in our opinion, the best solid color to wear with a suit. They’ll match with navy, any shade of grey as well as black dress pants and are perfect in a professional or formal-type setting.

We love this particular pair of grey socks because of the hidden reinforcement inside the top cuff. There’s a small band of lycra that prevents slouching throughout the day. Most people would probably agree that slouching is worst, which is why we’re glad we stumbled upon this perky pair.

We recommend this sock as a three-season pair, but they’re a little on the thin side and might be cold if you’re going out in the middle of a harsh winter. For summer, however, they’re a godsend.


  • Sustainably manufactured
  • Doesn’t slouch
  • Thin enough to breathe in heat


  • Air dry only
  • Warped a little in the dryer (oops)

How We Chose the Best Socks for Men: About Our Process

When determining the best men’s socks, our process simply came down to testing in a range of conditions and a variety of physical activities.

We did everything from plane travel to intense exercise to put the fabrics and fits through the works to determine which were truly the best. Our testing revealed a ton of subtle differences between even the highest-priced options, which sent us back for even more testing.

Our final choices reflect those that performed best while considering cost and availability.


Why Trust Spy When Searching for the Best Socks for Men?

The SPY team is always on the lookout for the best men’s clothing and accessories, and so far this year we’ve tested hundreds in a range of categories. Recently, we’ve tested the best rugby shirts and slip-on shoes. We even rounded up a group of the best boots of 2022 so far. We’ve even highlighted the most iconic white sneakers to put over the best socks for men, of course, after you’ve picked your favorite.

SPY reviewers understand how to test products and what the average consumer wants to know before purchasing, and we regularly update our articles to reflect new revelations and new product releases.


Frequently Asked Questions About Men's Socks

What Makes a Great Men’s Sock?

While this is very subjective, a great men’s sock should support your foot, offer ideal arch support (you have had your arches checked, right) and stand up to the needs of the day and repeated laundering to follow.

Can You Wash High-Performance Men’s Socks?

It is really important to follow all care instructions when washing pricier and specialty socks. When in doubt, wash on a gentle setting and air dry.

What is the best material for men's socks?

We tend to stay away from predominantly cotton blends, as the fiber holds too much moisture. We recommend a Merino wool blend for the best mix of performance, durability and value.


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