11 Rad Stranger Things T-Shirts to Wear Right Now

Eleven Bitchin T Shirt
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* Show your love for the Stranger Things kids and Demogorgon, too
* Subtle T-shirts for that insider fan nod
* Plus, how to show some Hawkins High school spirit

In the year since it first streamed on Netflix, Stranger Things has developed, like Millie Bobby Brown’s and Finn Wolfhard’s characters, into something of an unlikely hero.

The show, which takes place about a year or two before its typical fan was born, is already a cultural touchstone, with its dreamy-spooky synth theme, its walkie-talkies and its nostalgic yet totally compelling storyline, full of hints of Stand by Me, 1980s X-Men stories, Spielberg and John Hughes.

So here are, naturally, 11 sweet Stranger Things T-shirts to wear right now in the Right-Side-Up, to celebrate the show we’ve all come to love.

1. Demogorgon T-Shirt

The Demogorgon T-shirt is a stylish Stranger Things-themed call out to classic Dungeons and Dragons, the role-playing game at the root of so much of the show’s geeky greatness.

Demogorgon Stranger Things t-shirt Courtesy ThinkGeek


2. Eleven Leggo My Eggo T-shirt

One of the show’s many odd accomplishments was to make Eggo waffles cool again. Waffle fans can now validate your breakfast choices with this shirt featuring Eleven’s iconic season 1 waffle heist.

Eleven leggo my eggo shirt Courtesy Target


3. Bob Is The New Barb Shirt

An up-to-date inside joke, this long-sleeve baseball shirt not only proclaims “Bob is the New Barb,” but it features a Stranger Things-appropriate 1980s cut and graphics.

stranger things bob is the new barb shirt Courtesy Target


4. Hawkins P.D. T-Shirt

The Hawkins P.D. doesn’t exactly have an easy job, what with all the inter dimensional weirdness bursting in on a station staffed like it’s Mayberry. Represent Chief Hopper with this subtle Stranger Things Hawkins Police T-shirt.

hawkins police t shirt Courtesy Hot Topic


5. Hawkins High T-Shirt

Be like everybody’s hometown crush-turned inter dimensional hero Steve Harrington, in this official-looking Hawkins High T-shirt.

hawkins high t-shirt Courtesy Hot Topic


6. Palace Arcade T-Shirt

A call-out to one of Stranger Things’ coolest locales, this Palace Arcade T-shirt features spot-on 1980s nostalgic design.

palace arcade t Courtesy Hot Topic


7. Pac-Man Gamer Things T-Shirt

Nerdy meets vintage, just like on the show, in this Pac Man-inspired Stranger Things shirt.

pacman_gamer_things_tee_mb_rev Courtesy ThinkGeek


8. Stranger Things Silhouette T-shirt

As Eleven says, “friends stick together,” and this shirt sports a full roster of the Stranger Things kids’ silhouettes, along with the now-classic show logo.

stranger things silhouette t Courtesy Hot Topic


9. Eleven Bitchin’ T-Shirt

You won’t need a Camaro to look Bitchin in this ‘80s-punk inspired Stranger Things Eleven T-shirt. Features the now-iconic shot of Eleven in her choker and slicked back punk rock hair.

Eleven Bitchin t-shirt Courtesy Hot Topic


10. Steve Harrington T-shirt

With art featuring Steve Harrington in his Ray-Bans and holding the classic nail-filled bat, this shirt lets you represent that slacker heartthrob who turned out to be a “pretty damn good babysitter.”

steve harrington baby sitter t-shirt Courtesy Hot Topic



11. Eleven Blush Dress

It was bound to happen, especially after last Halloween gave us a whole internet full of people dressed as Eleven in her hand-me-down blush pink dress with its cute Peter Pan collar. Now you can get a fitted one online. Pair with a cheap platinum wig to complete the effect.

eleven blush dress Courtesy Hot Topic

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