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Weekend Debrief: The 5 Most Popular Style Stories Of The Week

* Score the best deals from Nordstrom’s big Anniversary Sale
* Simple hacks to break in your shoes – before they break you
* How to get bikini ready for the beach this summer

There’s lots to shop this weekend, especially if you’re looking for a bargain. We’re updating our sales hub with the best deals from the big Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and showing you some affordable — and effective — beauty products and workout gear. Here’s what you need to know.

1. The Best Deals From Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

It’s here: the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. A staple on the shopping calendar for years now, Nordstrom’s sale is unique because it’s not just old merchandise that’s being discounted. In fact, you can score new, on-trend items at deep discounts too. We’ve rounded up the best deals for fashion, beauty, home goods, gifts and more. Check back as we update the post daily.

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The Best Deals From Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale


2. The Best Ways To Stretch Out Your Shoes

To get through each day, you simply have to put one foot in front of the other. But, you can’t do that if your shoes are too tight. Maybe you bought a size too small. Maybe you just need to break them in before they break your feet. Maybe you just want your shoes to be a lot more comfortable. Either way, these 6 shoe stretchers will get your shoes in shape and give your feet much needed relief.

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How to Stretch Out Your Shoes


3. The 5 Best Multifunction Foundations with Anti-Aging Benefits

Multipurpose products are a godsend when you are short on time, trying to save money or just can’t be bothered with applying a bunch of products every morning. The foundations and serums featured below are all multi-functional in that they include active anti-aging skin care properties that over time, will lead to smoother, hydrated, rejuvenated and more youthful skin, while instantly evening out skin tone for a flawless base. Continue reading for some great foundations that will work as hard as your skin care while providing amazing coverage.

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The Best Multifunction Foundations


4. The Best Bikini Shavers Under $25

Shaving your bikini line is almost always a chore. Not only does the area present difficult curves to master, that section of skin is incredibly sensitive. Even if you make the bikini line hair-free using a normal razor, you’ll most likely see redness and razor bumps pop up within minutes.

The solution? Invest in a bikini shaver or trimmer. These products come in both manual and electric models and are specifically designed to take care of your bikini area. Be confident in your bikini line this bathing suit season with one of these models available on Amazon for under $25.

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The Best Bikini Shavers Under $25


5. The Best Men’s Workout Tights Under $20 on Amazon

Workout tights (a.k.a. compression tights, men’s leggings or base layers) have some serious training benefits – even if you’re not a pro athlete. Athletes and serious trainers swear by workout tights because they increase blood flow and keep your muscles in place. This improves your overall performance, but also has safety benefits and can promote less soreness and strain on your muscles. Plus, good workout tights don’t have to cost much. Below are some of favorite pairs that will up your game at the gym for less than $20.

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The Best Workout Tights For Men Under $20