Every Guy Should Try These 7 Subscription Services

Best Subscription Services for Men: Shaving,
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* Hate shopping? Now you don’t have to
* Get on-trend clothing and grooming products delivered monthly
* Save time, money and hassle

Subscription services have blown-up recently, which comes as a blessing for guys who hate shopping, or who simply don’t have the time. Spending hours looking for the right clothing, grooming products and accessories can get very tedious — even if you shop online.

But now, guys can streamline their whole shopping experience with a handful of effective, affordable subscription services. For a monthly fee, these brands will send you everything from on-trend clothing to grooming product refills while you sit back and enjoy not going to the mall.

1. Underwear & Wardrobe Basics: Basic Outfitters

Socks, underwear, and plain tees always seem to go missing or get holes in them. Basic Outfitters makes the process of replacing them incredibly easy and affordable by allowing you to create a drawer of basics for a flat price, and easily restock when necessary.

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2. Grooming: Birchbox Man

Getting your grooming regime dialed-in with a subscription service will eliminate the need to shop, and it’ll also let you sample a variety of products to find the right one. This means you’ll save time, and look better too. With Birchbox Man, you get an initial sample box, and then a $5 credit toward building your perfect grooming kit. Then when you run out, just click a button for a refill.

Men's Products Subscription Birchbox Image courtesy of Birchbox


3. Clothing: Trendy Butler

Keeping up with trends and constantly updating your wardrobe can be a hassle. Trendy Butler solves this by sending you a box of modern clothing tailored to your personal style. After creating a style profile, the website uses its “Artificial Intelligence Stylist” to curate an affordable outfit for you, and it’s sent right to your doorstep. We thought we would miss the “human” interaction, but we’ve had friends use this service and the pieces they got were actually pretty spot on, in terms of their personal style. Who are we to argue with technology?

Trend Butler Subscription Review Image courtesy of Trendy Butler


4. Accessories: Sprezza Box

Sprezza Box specializes in accessories, like sunglasses, ties and wallets. They conveniently deliver all these in curated boxes, that make great gifts for a graduate, a busy traveler, or someone who just landed a new job and needs an upgrade. Most of these accessory brands are small independent brands you wouldn’t be able to find in a store, so you’re not only getting something unique, you’re also supporting up-and-coming designers and businesses.

Men's Accessories Subscription Image courtesy of Sprezza Box


5. Shaving: Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club revolutionized the shaving market and the subscription service world with one simple idea: send guys affordable razor blades and shaving products every month. Now the service has grown to offer a huge variety of personalized shaving kits, and it remains the best way to buy all your shaving products. Reviewers say the blades are actually really comfortable and you only need a few swipes to get the stubble. Plus: getting new blades every month is actually more hygienic – you’re not stuck with the same rusty blade that’s caught on to all that bacteria.

Dollar Shave Club Products Image courtesy of Dollar Shave Club


6. Colognes: Scent Box

Colognes can get very expensive, and finding the right one is tough. Scent Box solves this by sending you a small monthly delivery of cologne, as well as samples to find the perfect scent. The chic spray bottle (which arrives in an equally chic black box) has just enough fragrance to last you a month. (We liked that these bottles were all travel-sized, so they fit in our toiletry kit and carry-on luggage for our trips, letting us take our new scents with us on the go). If you like the cologne sample they sent you, there’s an option (usually with a coupon code) to get the full-size bottle. If you don’t, wait 30 days and you’ll get your next scent in the mail.

This is a great way to try out new fragrances from the convenience of home and to discover new colognes often before anyone else. Some people find that “signature” scent and stick to it forever. Others like to switch it up and keep things (smelling) fresh. Scent Box works for both types of people. In the end, you’ll end up smelling better, and you’ll have a few extra dollars in your pocket too.

Monthly Cologne Service Image courtesy of Scent Box


7. Thinning Hair: Hims

Hims is one of our favorite subscription brands because they send guys the stuff we really hate shopping for, such as hair loss products. Hims’ complete hair kit comes with a combination of supplements, anti hair loss shampoo, and special medication that will keep your mane looking thick and handsome.

Hair Loss Products Hims Image courtesy of Hims


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