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Cloak and Dinner: 4 Evening Coats to Wear For a Night Out

* Summer doesn’t mean it’s time to ditch the outerwear
* These lightweight options will keep you warm during an evening out
* Our four picks will transition well into Fall

Even though summer has officially arrived, this doesn’t mean it’s time to completely ditch your outerwear for the season. Breezy evenings out call for a lightweight coat that won’t completely hide your evening look.

When it comes to summer outerwear, there are three major things to look for. First, your coat should be lightweight, so that you can layer it over other pieces to adjust to different climates. Try to avoid wool blends or heavier materials that may be too warm for fickle climates.

Secondly, we suggest opting for a long-line or duster length style. Mid-length cuts are flattering on all body types and will complement a wide variety of looks underneath–from mini dresses to sleek trousers.

Third, summer outerwear should be versatile, but keep in mind this is your chance to have a bit more fun, so try to opt for breezy pastel shades or classic neutrals that will pair well with your closet’s color palette.

Here are four of the best evening coats to wear for a summer night out. Best of all, each of these transitional coats will look excellent dressed up or down and will carry over to the fall.

1. Frederrika Trench Coat

This pale rose overcoat is feminine and sweet, and it will look lovely topped over an all-white ensemble as pictured, or worn with a dressy midi dress for night. The scalloped detail and folded lapel add to the romantic, girlish charm, keeping it summer-appropriate while also keeping you warm.

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2. Floral Printed Coat

This floral printed statement coat will look lovely paired with heeled sandals for an evening out or draped over rugged denim and sandals for a playful yet, fashionable ensemble. The tie detail at the sleeves offers a fresh, contemporary take on the classic trench coat style and the tie waist offers you a variety of different styling options.

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3. Ted Baker White Coat

Looking for something a bit dressier for summer nights? This car coat by Ted Baker balances structured tailoring and elegance with the label’s signature femininity. The straight cut is softened by the floral lace detail on each side pocket. This will look lovely paired with a cocktail dress for a formal dinner date or wedding reception, or with denim and a silk blouse for a movie night at the theater.

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4. Michael Kors Classic Tan Trench Coat

A classic, neutral-toned trench coat is an optimal choice for summer outerwear. And, despite the trench’s resurgence on the runways this past spring, this classic silhouette is timeless and never really goes out of style. A mid-length trench like this hooded choice by Michael Kors will match all of your summer dresses, but will also carry you smoothly into fall, thanks to the thoughtful addition of a removable hood to protect you from wind and rain.

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