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The 8 Best Sunglasses For Running and Cycling in 2021

Now that we’re putting away the best face masks for running and cycling, we can finally start wearing sports sunglasses again. For dedicated athletes, the best sunglasses for running are absolutely essential during the summer months.*

When it comes to biking and cycling, having the right gear to keep you safe in the great outdoors usually means investing in quality bikes, shoes and helmets. For clothing, this means items that are breathable, won’t chafe and in the case of cycling, provide added padding. But it also means a fashionable pair of sunglasses. No one wants to spend 10 miles with a clunky pair of specs bouncing, sliding and distorting your vision. Not only is this annoying when you’re out running, cycling or preparing for a triathlon, but it can also be dangerous.

When looking for a pair of sunglasses to wear while biking, cycling or taking part in any outdoor sport, comfort and protection are critical. Glasses that are designed to fit tight and reduce bouncing are a must-have, regardless of the activity you’re engaging in. That also goes for glasses that have extra grips on the nose piece or arms that reduce slippage from sweat and water.

Sunglasses that are flexible and resistant to drops and scratches are two more features to keep in mind when looking for your future frames. Being able to throw your sports sunglasses into your gym bag and retrieve them in the same condition before your next run means less money and time spent replacing the same glasses.

Lenses that are made to reduce glare and block out harmful UV rays are critical for outdoor workouts since they keep your eyes protected and your vision clear. This is especially important when running or cycling outside, as a missed stick, curb, rock or pothole can result in a painful injury.

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Check out our favorite sport sunglasses below and hit the ground running (or cycling) while protecting your eyes. Combined with the right workout shorts and running shoes, you’ll have everything you need to perform at your best.


1. ROKA Matador Sport Sunglasses

Roka is best known for its triathlon gear, which means they’re a top notch brand to check out for all things sports related and their Matador sunglasses can’t be beat. With wide, wrap around frames, your eyes will be protected from the wind at every angle. Sweat won’t leak from your forehead down into your eyes and you’ll have great peripheral vision. Keep your running or cycling game strong with a pair of Matador sunglasses and keep those PR’s coming.

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Courtesy of ROKA


2. Smith Optics Attack MAG Sunglasses

Smith makes great sunglasses in general but their performances sunglasses are in a category all their own. With wide, protective lenses, you’ll keep your eyes sweat free, shaded, and aerodynamic. There’s nothing worse than bulky, heavy sunglasses that slip off during a run, and these MAG sunglasses won’t do that. With 100% UV protection, no smudge lenses and moisture resistant coating for easy cleaning, these glasses will protect you from more than the glare. these glasses come in a variety of lens colors and frame color combos for your preference and switch out lenses easily. Try these for your next run and feel the difference.

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Courtesy of Smith Optics


3. Tifosi Tyrant 2.0

Tifosi sunglasses are lightweight, stylish, and on a more affordable scale compared to your average running or cycling brand. With the matte black Tyrant 2.0, you’ll be protected from UV rays, sweat drips, and anything else that blows your way. Keep your eyes protected and shaded during your run or bike with a pair of Tifosi performance sunglasses.

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Courtesy of Tifosi


4. ForceFlex FF500 Sunglasses

These performance sunglasses are well made and affordable: not a combo you’d expect to find but ForceFlex has managed to develop a wide lens that covers most of your face for ultimate coverage. These stylish, lightweight glasses are the ultimate choice for runners and cyclists alike who aren’t in the mood to shell out more than two hundred for a pair of performance sunglasses. ForceFlex utilizes a polycarbonate impact-resistant lens with a scratch-resistant coating so if you throw them in your gym bag or drop them while running, they’ll be okay. True to their name, these glasses are quite flexible, made from a soft plastic that is unbreakable.

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Courtesy of Amazon


5. Julbo Fury Performance Sunglasses

The Julbo sunglasses give ultimate coverage, so if you’re in the market for a super-wide frame, these are them. Take these for a spin in the wind and feel the difference in draft, aerodynamics, and UV protection. With such wide lenses, you’ll be protected from every direction. The anti-fogging lenses can’t be beaten and a close-fitting brow bar to prevent sweat from trickling down into your eyes makes these a sure winner. The Julbo sunglasses are an excellent performance accessory at an affordable price that you won’t want to miss.

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Courtesy of Amazon


6. Oakley Men’s XL Shield Frame Sunglasses

At 45 mm, these are the widest glasses on our list and since they’re Oakley, we know they’re worth it. if you’ve been searching for a formidable, wide lens with sturdy frames and anti-fogging lenses, you’ve just found the right sunglasses. With a plastic lens and a UV protective coating, these glasses are lightweight and high in performance for any runner or cyclist. Try out the Oakley XL Shield Frame sunglasses for ultimate coverage.

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Courtesy of Amazon


7. Rudy Project Propulse Sunglasses

the Rudy Project Propulse sunglasses are a polarized, 75 mm lens that come in a variety of colors. With anti-fogging lenses and different colored frames available, you can make these all your own. With ultra wraparound geometry, these glasses provide a natural compression fit without the annoying pressure on your temple, which may give you a headache. these glasses fight fogging with massive vents in the frame, lens, and arms of the sunglasses, which make them very airy and breathable. An excellent option for any runner or cyclist looking for a wider lens.

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Courtesy of Amazon


8.  Ciele Sun Red Rock Sunglasses

Ciele’s top-of-the-line running sunglasses are performance-ready as well as stylish. You’ll be rocking your run in a pair of these ultra cool sunnies that are Italian made with TR90 polymer plastic, a durable, lightweight, hypoallergenic material made to keep its shape, even on a hot day. These glasses sport silicone nose pads and grips on the frames around the ears for ultimate comfort and flexibility, simply adjust and keep on your way. The cR=39 polarized lenses block 100% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays as well as prevent road glare. These are definitely worth the higher than average price point for a high-performance, high quality pair of running sunglasses.

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Courtesy of Ciele


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