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The Best Tactical Wallets for Everyday Use

From companies like SOG and Goruck to the blogs focused on everyday carry products, there’s a lot of interest in tactical gear for people who aren’t likely to find themselves in any kind of survival or combat situation anytime soon. And while some (okay, a lot) of it goes pretty overboard, there’s a genuine value to having tactical-inspired gear in your day-to-day life, even if your day-to-day consists of heading back and forth from a desk job. A pocket knife solves far more problems than you might expect, just like an army bag can help you stay organized. Likewise, a tactical wallet can be a good alternative to the traditional leather wallet.

Many tactical wallets have slim builds, allowing them to work as front-pocket wallets. The front pocket is a more secure place to store your cash and cards because you’re much less likely to get pick-pocketed from the front. Plus, by swapping out leather for materials like nylon or metal, you don’t have to worry about situations where your wallet might get wet, scratched or otherwise damaged. Leather will always be a classy choice for a wallet, but it’s not always the best for every situation. Some tactical wallets also have built-in tools, allowing you to slim down the gear you might otherwise carry.


1. The Ridge Wallet


The Ridge has become a very popular wallet thanks to its unique design that consists of two plates and an elastic band to hold your cards together. It’s available with a cash strap or money clip, allowing you to carry bills on the outside of the wallet. It’s made from durable materials like titanium to stand up to whatever you put it through.

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Image Courtesy of The Ridge

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2. Nite Ize – Financial Tool


The Nite Ize Financial Tool is deceptively simple, and this basic money clip packs a lot of punch into a small (and affordable) package. There’s a clip on the outside for folded bills and a main slot for stashing cards. Plus, the metal cutouts allow this money clip to function as a bottle opener. Other tools include small wrenches and metric and standard rulers.

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Image Courtesy of Best Buy

3. Nomatic Wallet


If your strategy is keeping it simple, this tactical wallet from Nomatic is a great one to get. The wallet is made from elastic with a pull tab to keep your cards compact but easy to access. You can slip it into your back pocket or stash it in the front — the small size makes it super easy to store.

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Image Courtesy of Best Buy

4. Gerber Gear Money Clip


Carrying a small pocket knife is a good idea, even if you’re just using it to open a package. But a knife can be cumbersome if you’ve already got a lot of other things in your pocket. This money clip from Gerber has an integrated knife, so you’ll be sure to always have your knife handy. The clip is ideal for folded bills or cards.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon

5. Ögon Designs – Stockholm V2 Aluminium Wallet


Are you unexpectedly wading through some water on a particularly adventurous hike? Or maybe you’re just prone to dropping your wallet right into a puddle when you’re trying to pull your bus pass out. Whatever the case, there’s a value to a water-resistant tactical wallet, like this aluminum option from Ögon. It can hold up to 10 cards as well as notes, and the hard shell design keeps your essentials away from the elements in a way a money clip or bifold can’t. Plus, it’s available in tons of colors.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon

6. Military Grade Wallet tactical by Bench Built


This military-grade tactical wallet comes with its own clip and money band and features enough room to safely carry up to five cards at once. It’s100% made in the U.S. and is also extra small, lightweight and extremely portable.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Titanium Minimalist Slim Wallet, RFID Blocking


Slim, sleek and extra efficient, this tactical wallet comes with built-in RFID blocking and features a 100% titanium frame for extra durability. That said, it’s incredibly lightweight and has enough space to hold your credits cards, cash, and license.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon