The Best Tank Tops for Men to Wear This Summer

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Courtesy of Lululemon & Target
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You’d never think that a men’s tank top could be high fashion, but not only was it all over the Spring 2020 menswear fashion shows, but it also showed up again at the Spring 21 shows. Rick Owens created tank tops that ended an inch or two above the knees. Ami, Givenchy, Dries Van Noten, and yes, Rick Owens showed mesh tank tops, while other designers like Dior Homme had them in pastels. Nautical-inspired stripes also popped up on Burberry’s and a couple of other designers’ runways too.

Despite what we may have seen on the runway, this summer, the best tank tops for men are more likely to come from Todd Snyder or H&M rather than Givenchy. There’s always been a runway vs. reality debate when it comes to clothing and trends. Let’s be honest, in real life, we dress for comfort. We dress for the weather, and we only dress up when we really have to. So when it comes time to pick the best men’s tank tops, we prioritize easy to care for fabrics and price over high fashion.

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The best tank tops for men are the ones you can take to the beach and then toss in the wash. In this post, we’ll share our favorite men’s tank tops for the summer season, plus give you some tips for dressing up this classic beach look.

How To Style the Best Men’s Tank Tops

If you want to rock the “new new” looks of the season with your men’s tank top collection, there are easy ways to show off your sophisticated fashion sense without sacrificing comfort or your budget. This summer, the most stylish men’s tank tops feature lively prints like those seen in various Spring 2020 menswear collections. Look for men’s tank tops in designer-inspired Hawaiian, abstract, tie-dye, floral,  stripes and leopard prints. Bright neon hues were also a big runway trend (because the 80s will never die), so wearing jeans or men’s shorts with a men’s tank top in a bright shade can show off your cool.

For guys that want to try an oversized tank similar to Rick Owen’s, with a few tweaks, you can avoid looking like you’re wearing your dad’s hand-me-downs. Here’s a proportion trick to use so you never look sloppy: when wearing something loose, pair it with a well-fitted item. Try the oversized tank with slim-fit or skinny jeans. Tuck in the edge of the top into one side of the waistband, and let the other front side fall loosely over the waistband.

You can also wear tank tops as an undershirt to pull off another classic look. Simply wear an unbuttoned button-down shirt over a tank top and pair it with chinos or jeans. It’s work-friendly, and you can peel off (or not) the top layer when you hit happy hour. For a more polished look and bolder, pair a tank and jeans combo with a blazer.

The most important thing when shopping for the best men’s tank tops is choosing the fabric wisely. Any fabric that doesn’t breathe (polyester, silk, rayon and some cotton blends) is going to leave you a sweaty mess. If you’re hitting the beach, amusement park or having brunch al fresco, the last thing you want is a shirt that sticks to your skin.

Speaking of all the cool men’s summer tanks you can add to your collection, scroll through to find the best men’s tank tops for sale right now.


1. Volcom Solid Heather Tank


This tank is like the best magic trick ever invented. Need something to wear with shorts, jeans, or under an unbuttoned shirt? This is the tank that looks great no matter how you wear it, or what you wear it with. Volcom’s cotton tank is cut on the trendy longer side, so you can tuck up one side, and let the rest hang over the beltline. It also comes in white.

Volcom Solid Heather Tank Courtesy of Amazon

Volcom Solid Heather Tank


2. H&M 2-Pack Regular Fit Tank Tops


Honestly, we should just hand over our wallets to H&M, as they always have the best deals on stuff we want. Take this tank top two-pack for instance.  This tank top is cut in the newest silhouette, a straight cut with a slightly longer hemline. This cotton blend comes in fashionable shades like the blue/dark gray combo show below, but it also comes in a few more combinations as well.

H&M 2-Pack Regular Fit Tank Tops Courtesy of H&M

H&M 2-Pack Regular Fit Tank Tops



3. Target Original Use Casual Fit Americana Knit Tank Top


This low-key patriotic tank has summer written all over it. From park hangs with pals to ice pops in the backyard with your kiddos to lighting fireworks in the street with your neighbors, this will be the tank top you spend your summer in. No doubt.

Target Original Use Casual Fit Americana Knit Tank Top Courtesy of Target

Target Original Use Casual Fit Americana Knit Tank Top



4. Todd Snyder Made in L.A. Tank Top


Todd Snyder is one of those designers that just gets it. He understands what real guys want in clothing, what they need and how they really dress. He’s created a tank top that comes in more colors than a pack of Skittles and is just as tasty. Garment dyed in a choice of five colors, this cotton jersey tank is made in Los Angeles and has a nice textured finish.

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Todd Snyder Made in L.A. Tank Top Courtesy of Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder Made in L.A. Tank Top



5. Amazon Essentials Slim-Fit Tank Top


Of course Amazon Essentials has a stellar tank top we love. Consider us not even remotely surprised. This slim-fit tank top comes in a number of patterns and colors, but we’re sort of geeking over this black and grey striped moment shown below.

Amazon Essentials Slim-Fit Tank Top Courtesy of Amazon

Amazon Essentials Slim-Fit Tank Top



6. Tommy Jeans X Space Jam Basketball Tank Top


Vintage looks have made a comeback — oh let’s be honest, they’ve never really gone away, but now they’re a hot item. We’ve covered how vintage style is cool, and this Tommy Jeans X Space Jam Basketball Tank Top really exemplifies how cool vintage-looking tops prints can be. Like, come on. This is beyond dope.

Tommy Jeans X Space Jam Basketball Tank Top Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Tommy Jeans X Space Jam Basketball Tank Top



7. Moschino Embroidered Logo Tank Top


If you’re going to indulge in something, anything from Moschino is worth it. This loud tank is a solid choice from the brand. It features a yellow tee with cut sleeves with 90s-esque lettering on the chest.

Moschino Embroidered Logo Tank Top Courtesy of Farfetch

Moschino Embroidered Logo Tank Top



8. CaliDesign Bandana Print Tank Top


So, say you’re digging the bandana print tank, but the price tag is a bit much. Well, you can snag this tank top that seems to be inspired by the above design. Made from cotton, this tank’s easy to care for too. Try it with baggy jeans and white sneakers.

CaliDesign-Bandana-Print-Tank-Top Courtesy of Amazon

CaliDesign Bandana Print Tank Top



9. Adidas HEAT.RDY Warrior Woven Tank Top


This is one of the best athletic tanks money can buy. It’s made with a lightweight fabric called Primegreen, which is made from high-performance recycled materials. It maximizes airflow to keep you cool even on the hottest of days, hence the name HEAT.RDY. Because, yeah, you can say this tank is heat-ready. Wear it on an afternoon shooting hoops or throw it on when lounging around.

Adidas Heat.Rdy Warrior Woven Tank Top Courtesy of Adidas

Adidas HEAT.RDY Warrior Woven Tank Top



10. Topman Tie Dyed Tank


Two top summer trends are combined the right way in this tank top: graphics and tie-dye. This tank top cut-off shirt is covered in a tie-dye purple color that’s eye-popping as it gets. On the front center of the chest, you’ll see a smiley face with words surround it. On the back, you’ll see the same thing blown up a little more, with the phrase “Save the Rave ’91” readable to whoever’s standing behind you.

Topman Tie Dyed Tank Courtesy of ASOS

Topman Tie Dyed Tank



11. Lululemon Metal Vent Tech Sleeveless 2.0


Cut on the loose side, Lululemon’s tank top can be worn for yoga, on a run, or at the beach. The super cool thing about this tank top is that the fabric is treated to stop odor-causing bacteria in its tracks. You could wear this tank to work out, and after air drying it, wear it back to the gym and it won’t stink up the room. It comes in five other colors and styles, too. Plus we’re suckers for Lululemon’s activewear.

Lululemon Metal Vent Tech Sleeveless 2.0 Courtesy of Lululemon

Lululemon Metal Vent Tech Sleeveless 2.0



12. K.ngsley White “FIST” Ribbed Tank


If you’re on Instagram, there’s a good chance you’ve seen these K.ngsley tank tops at some point on your feed. These new classics transcend gender by bringing unique straps that are typically assimilated with women’s clothing into the male space. Not only is K.ngsley changing the way we see men’s fashion, but they’re also a Black-owned brand, making them that much more iconic.

K.ngsley White "FIST" Ribbed Tank Courtesy of K.ngsley




13. J.Crew Slub Cotton Pocket Tank Top


Every summer, nautical stripes can be found on any and everything. They’re a perennial summer favorite. Doesn’t hurt that Burberry, Boss and Casablanca showcased stripes for summer ’21 too. Priced a few hundred dollars less than a designer tank top, J. Crew delivers style and comfort with this cotton tank.

J.Crew-Slub-Cotton-Pocket-Tank-Top Courtesy of J. Crew

J.Crew Slub Cotton Pocket Tank Top



14. Vans Classic Tank


If you’re looking for a graphic print tank, you can’t go wrong with OG skate brand, Vans. Their clean design is eye-catching and cool. The cotton tank is a slim fit and has a crew neck. Try it over an unbuttoned denim shirt and your favorite shorts.

Vans Classic Tank Courtesy of Tilly's

Vans Classic Tank



15. Shein Cartoon Graphic Tank Top


Does this tank top make any sense? No, it doesn’t. Are we absolutely obsessed with it? You better bet. Wear this iconic goose-like banana all summer long. Because why not?

Shein Cartoon Graphic Tank Top Courtesy of Shein

Shein Cartoon Graphic Tank Top



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