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Add a Subtle Dash of Style and Functionality to Your Suit with a Tie Clip

When it comes to formal attire, trying to match a tie and a shirt can be difficult. Do you go bold and daring with one and subdued with the other, or keep things understated on both ends? Can you do a pattern on the tie and a different pattern on the shirt or will that just make people dizzy? And what about actually knotting a necktie? Do you want a Windsor, a Pratt, and Granchester or a Hanover knot? We know, it’s overwhelming. One question that’s easy to answer is, should I wear a tie clip? The answer to that is always, “yes.”

A tie clip is the intersection of function and fashion. Tie clips are designed to attach a necktie to a shirt and keep it from falling outward when the wearer leans forward. That means no more ties falling in soup, ties getting wet while washing your hands, or ties getting caught in machines or messes.

Tie clips are also an easy way to add a bit of flair to an outfit, with the small but thoughtful accessory showing others that you’ve put extra thought into your look. Adding a classic and professional touch to any suit, tie clips are an easy way to dress up an outfit without breaking the bank.

If you’re going to wear a necktie, it’s time to get a tie clip. Check out our favorite sets below.

1. GWD Mens 3 Piece Tie Bar Clip

The GWD Mens 3 Piece Tie Bar Clip set features three unique tie clips that give customers a high-end look that is fashion-forward but still appropriate for office settings. Made from copper, the GWD tie clips measure 2.1 inches in length and come with a grey, silver or black option, all of which feature their own design. The tie clips are on the heavy side, giving them a more substantial and impressive feel. Each tie clip has a spring-loaded clip that keeps a tie in place all day.

Pros: The GWD set is packaged in a high-end box that makes them appropriate to give as a gift.

Cons: GWD does not offer a variety of design options. The clips must be stored away from other jewelry or items that could leave scratches.

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2. HAWSON Skinny Tie Bar Set

The HAWSON Skinny Tie Bar Set provides an alternative to the traditional tie clip while still giving users the same functional result. The tie bar slips through the shirt and over the tie, with the tight bar keeping the fabric together in place of a clip. The set of four includes a black, silver, gold and rose gold tie bar for a modern twist. The Hawson tie bars can be cleaned with a soft cloth, helping to remove fingerprints.

Pros: The tie bar style versus the tie clip means that the Hawson’s won’t leave a mark or dent on shirts or ties like a spring-loaded clip would.

Cons: At 2 inches, the Hawsonclips  are the shortest on our list and only work with skinny ties, which is what they are designed to be paired with. The edges may snag the material on a tie if caution is not exercised when placing the tie bar.

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3. PiercingJ 3 Piece Set Stainless Steel Exquisite GQ Classic Tie Clips

Give your outfit a polished finish with the high-end PiercingJ 3 Piece Set Stainless Steel Exquisite GQ Classic Tie Clips. PiercingJ offers a variety of styles and designs in their three-pack sets, giving customers modern and traditional options. Each tie clip measures 2.28 inches long and is made with a sturdy spring clasp. The quality of the PiercingJ is evident thanks to the fine grain that is visible on the back of the tie clips. Each set of three tie clips comes packaged in a faux crocodile skin box that makes this a great option to give as a gift.

Pros: Most tie clips are made from copper or alloy, but PiercingJ uses high quality stainless steel for added durability.

Cons: The tie clip may not stay in place through frequent movements. Paint may begin to chip after repeated uses.

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4. Viaky Classic Style Men's Tie Clips

For an affordable set with variety, we recommend the Viaky Classic Style Men’s Tie Clips. The set comes with tie clips in black, silver and gold and options for long (2.3 inches) and short (2.1-inch) tie clips. The copper clips have a surface plating for a smooth and glossy finish. Each clip includes a sturdy spring-loaded clip for secure placement on a shirt and the clips arrive in a gift box that can be used as storage.

Pros: The Viaky is the best value set on our list.

Cons: The teeth on the clip of the Viaky are sharp and may pull on ties.

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