Summertime Style: The 10 Best Ties For Men

Best Ties for Summer
Men's Ties for Summer
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Whether you’re attending a wedding (or many—lucky you!) this summer, or you’re simply looking for options that will help refresh your seasonal wardrobe, this selection of seasonal ties are sure to help complete any look.

With summer in full swing, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite options. Fun, colorful and extremely unique, they’re sure to help you look great no matter the occasion. Choose from polka dots and whimsical styles or stay elegant and trendy this season with our favorites below.

1. Elfeves Men Modern Tartan Formal Tie

Made from easy-care microfiber polyester these gingham-style ties come in a wide range of sizes and are sure to help your outfit stand out. As part of Elfeves’ new Autumn line, they come in a range of different styles and colors (more than 35 different options, actually) and they come ready to wear. While they’re all able to be dry cleaned, be sure to iron them on a low-level setting.

Elfeves Men's Tie Image courtesy of Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

Elfeves Men Modern Tartan Formal Tie


2. Secdtie Men’s Classic Stripe Jacquard Woven Silk Tie

Polyester ties not your jam? No problem. The Secdtie Classic Stripe Jacquard ties are made from silk, microfiber and cotton to help up your look while also feeling great. Designed for any occasion, these ties come in 11 awesome styles and work extra well with dress shirts. Our favorite pick is the grey and black stripe, but there are plenty of options to meet your needs.

Secdtie Men's Tie Image courtesy of Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

Elfeves Men Modern Tartan Formal Tie


3. Weishang Pack of 6 Men’s Classic Business Ties

Made from 100% silk, these classic-style ties are sure to save the day. Available in packs of six, they come in a variety of colors (though blue is a common theme), and they feature a slightly bulkier build, which helps with tying knots. What’s more, they’re available in nine different color packs. Also, they’re 100% waterproof, which is great if you’re the kind of guy who’s always spilling his drink.

Weishang Ties Image courtesy of Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

Weishang Pack of 6 Men's Classic Business Ties


4. Wehug Lot 6 PCS Men’s Class Ties

Another slick six-pack, these classy ties feature a smooth, striped design and come in slightly more vibrant colors than some of the other ties listed. Silk, waterproof and extra lightweight, they’re great for summertime wear (though, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to sport them year-round). And with four packs to choose from, they can really help you outfit pop.

Wehug Ties Image courtesy of Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

Wehug Lot 6 PCS Men's Class Ties


5. Adulove Men’s Necktie Classic Silk Tie

For when you really want to stand out, these Adulove ties sport some seriously sweet designs. Not quite checkered, not quite stripped, their 100% original designs come in a range of lively colors that really help complete any outfit. We suggest pairing them with simpler shirts and suits so your outfit doesn’t clash. They’re also available in a whole host of colors and styles.

Adulove Men's Tie Image courtesy of Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

Wehug Lot 6 PCS Men's Class Ties


6. DAZI Men’s Skinny Tie

These awesome skinny ties come in 19 different colors and feature an impressive 100% cotton design. Not only do they look great on any fabric, they’re also extremely comfortable, lightweight and built to last. Great for weddings, parties or a night on the town. However, remember to keep in mind that these ties are dry clean only, so if you want to hold on to them for years (or decades), avoid washing them yourself.

DAZI Men's tie Image courtesy of Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

DAZI Men's Skinny Tie


7. Mens Novelty Floral Wedding Tie

This one-size-fits-all tie sports a lovely floral pattern backed with a vibrant red background that’s wholly unique. Made from breathable and lightweight microfiber, it’s a great option for business casual occasions and comes in more than 20 different colors and styles. That said, we’re smitten with the navy red.

Men's Novelty Tie Image courtesy of Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

Mens Novelty Floral Wedding Tie


8. Secdtie Men’s Classic Checks Dark Blue G

Sure, this tie may not have the same ‘oomph’ factor as some of our other ties listed, but sometimes it’s great to go with a classic. Made from lush microfiber, this tie is designed to look and feel just like silk. The vibrant checkered pattern helps complete your look and is best used for any—and all—outdoor occasions. Seriously, these styles really pop in the sunlight.

Secdtie Men's Classic Tie Image courtesy of Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

Secdtie Men's Classic Checks Dark Blue G


9. WANDM Men’s Slim Skinny Tie Washable Polka Dot

Great for everyday office use, these super slim skinny ties sport a fun polka dot design and come in a handful of fun and vibrant colors. Toeing the line between playful and formal, these ties are made from breathable microfiber and come with built-in lining and padding for easy knots. These ties are also machine washable.

WANDM Men's Slim Tie Image courtesy of Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

WANDM Men's slim skinny tie washable polka dot


10. Tie G 5 Piece Tie Set

Last but not least, this tie boxed set makes a great gift idea and comes with one colorful necktie, a bow tie, a pocket square, lapel pin and even matching cufflinks. Made from microfiber, these ties are extremely lightweight and breathable and look (and feel) like they’re made from silk. Available in 19 different color options, we recommend going with the classic blue paisley look.

Tie, Bowtie Pack Image courtesy of Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

Tie G .5 Piece Tie Set


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