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Keep Blisters at Bay With Comfortable and Supportive Socks With Toes

Socks with toes, toe socks, or five-toe socks were first invented in the late 1960s but have only started to become popular in the past 15 years. While many still view these as a novelty item, toe socks have several benefits that make them a great option for activewear or even everyday use. They’re toe-tally worth adding to your sock drawer. We can’t talk about socks without making ridiculous puns.

Toe socks have a long list of benefits that make feet feel and perform better. As more customers and companies start to see the benefits of socks with toes, an increase in styles offered means that it’s now easier than ever to incorporate toe socks into your wardrobe.

So, why should you wear toe socks?

They Help to Eliminate Blisters

Athletes or anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet know that one of the fastest ways to sideline their activity is by developing blisters. Wearing properly fitted footwear is a big step towards blister elimination, but the best toe socks are also hugely beneficial in reducing the occurrence of blisters. Because toes are separated from each other, the skin is not rubbing together and creating friction that leads to blisters.

Your Feet Stay Dryer

Wet, sweaty feet are also a major culprit of blisters. With toe socks, each toe is encased in its own cotton blend covering and toes are able to breathe more freely and stay dry, which is another way that the occurrence of blisters is drastically reduced. Reducing moisture in feet also means better odor control. In conclusion, dry feet are happy feet.

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They Improve Overall Stability

Because toes are separated in toe socks, each toe is more active and responsive to movement. Weight is distributed evenly and the entire foot is engaged. This hyper-awareness in the feet helps to improve the muscle tone of toes and improve balance and body awareness.

They Improve Circulation

By increasing the sensation and awareness of the toes and feet overall, toes are freer to move, which encourages blood circulation and combats numbness. This flexibility is great news for anyone with diabetes, plantar fasciitis, or who suffers from common foot issues like bunions since flexibility not only promotes circulation but also encourages proper alignment.

Now that you know all the benefits of socks with toes, it’s time to pick a pair that you can proudly show off. Check out all of the best toe socks below.


1. Meaiguo Toe Socks


For a toe sock that will work whether you are running errands or running a marathon, we like the everyday style from Meaiguo. Sold in a set of four and available in a variety of color combinations, customers can choose a no-show option or one with an elastic heel tab for added convenience. The cotton socks provide both moisture and heat management and wick away sweat to help reduce the chance of blisters. Meaiguo design their socks with a Y-shape heel to keep the stock in position and stop it from falling down while walking or running.

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Courtesy of Amazon

2. OrthoSleeve BR4 Bunion Relief Socks


For those who suffer from bunion pain, finding an effective pain relief system can feel impossible. Wearing shoes can be a form of torture and bunion surgery also comes with its own painful recovery process. Thankfully, there are some nonmedical options including bunion relief socks like the pair from OrthoSleeve. The moisture-wicking comfort socks work by separating the big toe from the other toes, helping to improve the alignment of the foot and reduce the chance of toes rubbing together. The breathable and antimicrobial socks provide gentle arch support and help feet protected and secure.

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Courtesy of Amazon

3. TESOON Cartoon Toe Socks for Kids


Kids love taking off their socks. This statement isn’t being made with any science-based evidence, but anyone who has cared for a young child for even a short amount of time knows they love taking off their socks and putting them… we have no idea where they go. The Tesoon Cartoon Toe Socks for Kids come in a variety of fun animal prints that kids will actually want to keep on their feet. The super cute and super comfortable socks are odor-resistant and durable and come in a medium thickness that makes them a great option for wearing year-round. Socks your kids will actually want to keep on? This has to be a scientific breakthrough.

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Courtesy of Amazon


4. Injinji Liner Socks


These liner socks with toes can be worn alone or beneath a thicker, warmer sock and serve as a first line of defense against moisture and blisters. These light and breathable liner socks from Injinji are perfect for any adventure from hiking to running errands. They’re quick-drying and moisture-wicking and even contain recycled materials. Keeping your feet warm in cold weather not only provides comfort, but it’s also a safety issue. Freezing extremities can quickly lead to frostbite and one of the best ways to keep your tootsies intact is with a pair of the Injinji Liner Socks underneath your everyday pair of socks.

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Courtesy of REI

5. Injinji Run Lightweight No-Show Socks


Walking and running are great ways to get your heart rate up and stay healthy. Walking and running are also activities that can result in a lot of blisters. Properly fitted shoes help to decrease the chance of blisters and so do wearing toe socks by Injinji. A mesh top panel provides breathability, and the no-show socks have light cushioning and arch support for added comfort. The design keeps toes separated from each other and reduces rubbing, which can lead to blisters and friction. Injinji makes their running toe socks in a variety of styles, including this no-show unisex option.

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Courtesy of REI

6. TOETOE Essential Men’s Argyle Toe Socks


If you prefer the feel and design of toe socks, it can be difficult to find a style that works with business casual and dress wear. That’s why we were excited to find the Essential Men’s Argyle Toe Socks from TOETOE. Available in three color combinations with a black base, these dress socks are made from cotton and keep feet cool and comfortable while also looking appropriate for the office. Cotton dress socks with toes? What more could you ask for.

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Courtesy of Etsy

7. Half Toe Mia Grip Socks


Yoga is typically practiced in bare feet, but even mats that are designed to be anti-slip can still lead to a sweaty, slippery surface. Instead of sliding out of your downward dog and landing face-first on your mat, give yourself more grip with a pair of Half Told Mia Grip Socks from Toe Sox. The unisex socks come in a wide variety of patterns and are made with organic cotton. The open five-toe design allows toes to naturally spread out while the patented nonslip sole provides a more secure footing. This ankle sock is designed with an arch band that provides a gentle amount of lift and support.

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Courtesy of Toesox

8. TOETOE Reflexology Toe Socks


Attention all biology majors and future nurses and doctors, we have just found your favorite new pair of socks with toes. TOETOE make a huge variety of toe socks and one of our favorites is the health-inspired reflexology pair. The socks have an educational design on the bottom that teaches wearers how to locate all of their vital organs. A fun study aid that will also keep your toes feeling comfortable, the reflexology socks provide a guide on how to massage different parts of the foot to have an effect on the body.

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Courtesy of Etsy

9. Wodstyle Five Finger Toe Socks


During the holiday season, no outfit is ‘too much,’ which is why we love pairing our ugly Christmas sweater with these fun and festive holiday toe socks from Wodstyle. Available in a variety of holiday-themed designs, including Santa Claus, snowmen, penguins and several festive owls, these toe socks would make a great gift idea. The moisture-absorbing cotton socks are not only fun to look at, but they also are made with elastane for a sock that is comfortable enough to wear throughout the holiday season.

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Courtesy of WalMart

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