You Totes Need These Totes

la mer tote bag
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* Totes for the office, the beach, traveling and everyday errands
* Different styles for men and women, and different looks and activities
* All under $100

Tote bags have become a luggage staple. They’re versatile, durable, and come in variations for every style and activity. The shape allows you to fit laptops and books one day, and towels and clothes the next, all while looking like a sophisticated grown-up.

To help pick out the right tote(s) for your lifestyle, we’ve pulled our 7 favorites (guys and girls). All have a slightly different character, but stay true to the classically easy tote look.

1. Everyday Tote (Men’s)

Incredibly durable, simple, stylish, and well priced, this digital camo tote from Owen & Fred is great as a mobile man’s everyday bag. The bag features an exterior pocket, an interior phone/wallet pocket, and a 21 liter main compartment.

Men's Tote Bag Image courtesy of Shop Spring


2. Travel Tote

This weekender tote by Alternative Apparel works for weekend trips, or as an extra bag on longer trips. The bag is made of cotton and genuine leather, and features a very low-key look that works with any style. Cross-stitching on the seams and stress points provides added durability.

Weekender Tote Bag Image courtesy of Shop Spring


3. Beach Tote

What fits the vibe of the beach more than a burlap bag? ATSUYO ET AKiKO has done an excellent job of taking the burlap look and making it into a usable, comfortable tote for day-trips to the beach.

Burlap Beach Tote Bag Image courtesy of Shop Spring


4. Weekend Trip Tote

This is a great bag because it’s big enough to pack full of clothes for a weekend trip, but small and versatile enough to take on a day-trip to the beach once at your destination. Made by Baggu, its heavyweight canvas makes the bag super sturdy, and provides a slouchy look to match the weekend. Also: the French stripes are a classic motif that never goes out of style.

Weekender Beach Tote Bag Image courtesy of Shopbop


5. Office Tote (Women’s)

This minimally styled black leather bag from Azalea brings both the usefulness of a classic tote and the sophistication required for an office bag, making it a great way to transport gadgets and notebooks to and from work.

Women's Tote Bag Image courtesy of Shop Spring


6. Everyday Tote (Women’s)

The tote originated as an easy, casual, everyday carry-all, and this tote is the evolution of that laid-back but utility driven idea. Made of canvas, this Sundry bag features anchor appliques and two exterior pockets for any extra stuff. Great for groceries and running errands.

Colorful Tote Bag Image courtesy of Shopbop


7. Office Tote (Men’s)

Filson’s take on the tote bag is just as you’d expect: expertly styled, reliable and rugged. It’s made of waxed canvas and nylon, but has a high-end feel that makes it a great office bag for any guy, whether you’re required to wear a suit, or business casual in a sweater and jeans.

Men's Tote Bag Image courtesy of Eastdane

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