Diminutive Duffles: 6 Bags That Help You Learn to Pack Light

Best Travel Duffle Bags: How to
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* Pack lighter with these bags
* Separate shoes, dirty clothes, and gadgets
* All highly-rated and under $70

Packing light is an underrated skill that some veteran travelers still struggle with. Whether you’re going on a business trip, a weekend getaway, or a lengthy vacation, we always seem to weigh ourselves down with more clothes, shoes, accessories, and gadgets than we really need. But once you master light packing, your whole trip gets much easier.

If you want to nail light packing, we found a few solutions in the form of cleverly designed duffle bags. They’re compact, but have a deceptively large capacity thanks to sneaky compartments and a smart overall layout. Plus, they’re all reasonably priced and very highly-rated. Check them out below.

1. Focus Gear Ultimate Gym Bag

Efficient packing can also be very useful for gym equipment. This gym bag organizes all your workout necessities with water resistant pockets for swimming gear, a shoe pocket, water bottle holders, and more. Plus, it’s a pretty great deal at just $25.

Gym Bag Shoe Pocket Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Gonex Foldable Travel Duffle Bag

We’ve all been there: at the end of a trip we pack our bags only to realize all that new stuff we bought won’t fit. This foldable duffle provides a great solution, as you can pack it up with your stuff just in case of any travel purchases.

Green Duffle Bag foldable Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Toupons Canvas weekender

This canvas duffle is perfectly sized for a short trip or carry-on essentials. It also has a few key features including expandable sides and a super durable build that make it well-worth $30.

Grey Duffle Bag Pockets Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Wowbox Duffle Bag

You don’t have to sacrifice style for convenience when buying a great duffle bag. This one has large side pockets for shoes, dirty clothes, or a laptop, and a stylish look thanks to leather accents and buckles.

Vintage Duffle Bag Weekender Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Witzmen Travel Backpack

This backpack transforms into a duffle via a flap that covers the straps. This is great if you have to do some unexpected walking, and don’t want to lug a duffle around. Plus, this backpack/duffle is designed for travel (unlike most everyday backpacks) with a unique pocket layout.

Travel Backpack Duffle Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Komal’s Leather Duffle Bag

Great leather duffle bags don’t have to cost hundreds of dollars. This one only costs $70, and has a smart layout with two large side pockets that puts many pricier duffles to shame.

Vintage Leather Duffle Bag Image courtesy of Amazon