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This $10 Piece Looks Like A Regular Tank Top But It’s Actually a Secret Safe

* This safe is disguised as a tank top
* Hangs in your closet with other clothing
* Nine pockets for valuables like your passport and jewelry

Hiding your valuables doesn’t require a bulky, expensive safe. We found a lightweight product that hides your valuables in plain sight — and it only costs $10.

This secret safe from US Patrol looks and feels just like a plain black tank top (it’s made of cotton), but it’s actually a sneaky hiding spot for valuables like your passport, jewelry, or cash. It hangs in your closet, disguised among other clothes, essentially camouflaging your valuables.

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The tank top safe is especially useful when traveling. You need to bring valuables such as your passport, but hotel safes are unreliable; even if your hotel has one, they’re not very secure. There are, of course, travel safes, but those are bulky and typically cost between $30 and $100 (plus, if a thief sees a travel safe on your hotel room desk, it’s not so safe anymore). This tank top solves these problems by folding neatly into your suitcase when not in use, and effectively keeping valuables out of sight.

The piece also features nine pockets, each with zippers to keep your things secure and separate. This provides ample room for most travelers’ necessities.


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