SPY Guide: 5 Pairs of Ugg Boots That Are Waterproof

Best Ugg Waterproof Boots
Image courtesy of Ugg

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* Ugg now offers a waterproof option
* Upgraded classics and fresh statement boots
* Innovative new materials

Winter is almost here, and that means a new pair of Uggs. Even though other makers have tried to replicate the cozy feel and plush look, none have succeeded. Ugg has fine-tuned their classic boots, and the brand continues to expand their line-up with must-have winter shoes. Among all the upgrades, waterproofing is definitely the most welcome. Below are Ugg’s top five waterproof boots that you can buy right now.

1. Classic Mini Waterproof

The mini Ugg is great for people who want the comfy feel and look, but don’t have to deal with much rain or serious or weather (*cough*Angelinos*cough). It features classic suede construction and a sheepskin interior. Plus it has a new Vibram outsole for grip on slippery terrains. 

Waterproof Uggs Mini Classic Image courtesy of Ugg


2. Classic Mini L Waterproof

The L version of the mini Ugg is made of soft waterproof leather instead of suede, offering a slightly more modern look. It comes in chestnut (pictured below) or black, and also features a Vibram sole.

Waterproof Uggs Mini Classic Image courtesy of Ugg


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3. Classic Short Waterproof

This is the evolved version of the classic Ugg boot that made the brand famous. As always, it’s ultra-cozy, but can now be worn out on rainy days and won’t slip around thanks the the Vibram outsole.

Waterproof Uggs Classic Image courtesy of Ugg


4. Viki Waterproof

As Ugg has become a bigger brand, they’ve started designing bold new looks with the same cozy feel. The Viki is one of them, with hiker-boot inspired style and an exposed sheepskin tongue that makes it the most comfy winter fashion statement on the market.

Waterproof Uggs Viki Image courtesy of Ugg


5. Breida Waterproof

The Breida is another more fashion-forward option from Ugg, and could even pass as a winter office shoe. They’re made of leather and waterproof suede, and feature functional moto-inspired buckles to tighten the boots around your feet on extra cold days.

Waterproof Uggs Breida Image courtesy of Ugg

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