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The Best Men’s Underwear Subscriptions Mean Never Running Out of Undies Before Laundry Day Ever Again

Is there anything sadder than the sight of a tiny hole in your favorite pair of underwear? Who really wants to spend their hard-earned money on new underwear? Alas, we sadly must, which is why we’ve recently become interested in the best underwear subscriptions. (As a men’s website, we’ve compared the best underwear subscriptions for men below, but a few of these services also offer an underwear club for women and couples.)

If you haven’t purchased a new pair of underwear in the past year, then there’s a very good chance that your entire underwear drawer is ready to be replaced. In our experience, even the very best men’s underwear isn’t meant to last longer than 12 months, and that’s pushing your elastic waistbands to their upper limits. Although that might seem like too little time, we can’t even begin to imagine what germs and bacteria are lying low in your boxer briefs. A new pair of underwear delivered to your door each month will ensure that you always have fresh underwear in rotation, which is exactly why we’re falling in love with men’s underwear subscription services.

Every guy has a few pairs of boxers or boxer briefs that he prefers over the rest, but what if every pair of underwear in your drawer was your favorite pair? What if you never had to worry about running out of clean underwear or reaching for that old backup pair of boxers come laundry day?

As you might imagine, the best underwear subscriptions are built to send a new pair (or, pairs) right to your front door on a regular basis. The best underwear clubs have a variety of styles to choose from such as boxers, briefs, jockstraps and more. In addition, guys will get the opportunity to choose how frequently they want fresh, new underwear. It’s all based on your needs.

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If you look in your underwear drawer and find at least one pair with holes or pilling, then it’s about time to consider the best underwear subscriptions online.

We’ve tested a lot of underwear over the past few years, and in our experience, the best underwear is all about the fabric. Super-soft materials like Supima cotton, lyocell and MicroModal feel great against your skin, and elastane provides the stretch you need for all-day comfort. In addition, we prefer men’s subscription boxes that offer a smooth customer experience, a great value, and easy cancellation.

We balanced all of these criteria to bring you the top five underwear subscription boxes for men. Read on and see where we’re snagging our undies from below.


1. MeUndies


At this point, we’re considering MeUndies a modern staple to anyone and everyone who throws on a pair of undies every day. MeUndies has underwear for men, women and everyone in between with a number of exciting patterns and styles. MeUndies is famous for its matching couple’s underwear, but don’t sleep on their super-soft bath robes.

We selected MeUndies as the best underwear subscription for two reasons. First, it offers a huge selection of comfortable and colorful underwear. There are colors and prints that everyone can love, and the brand’s classic boxers come in over 50 different designs. (You can also choose from briefs, boxer briefs, jockstraps and tons more styles.) Second, MeUndies has a great overall customer experience. Once you sign up, you’ll never have to worry about running out of underwear before laundry day again.

Here’s how it works: All you have to do is fill out a short quiz so MeUndies knows what you like. You’ll be able to choose preferred styles, sizes (which go up to 4XL), patterns and more. Guys will save $8 on MeUndies every time they get a pair sent to their front door. Aside from being affordable and effortless, MeUndies’ line of underwear really is as cozy as it gets.

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Courtesy of MeUndies


2. Shinesty


Shinesty is another awesome underwear subscription service for men, women, couples and gifting purposes. Because who doesn’t love a gifted pair of boxer briefs delivered to their door each month? In our testing, Shinesty’s underwear is always soft and supportive, and like MeUndies, Shinesty offers plenty of fun colors and patterns. Shinesty also takes the science of underwear very seriously indeed.

For dudes, Shinesty offers undies with its signature supportive Ball Hammock feature, which is built to cradle your jimmies to prevent any discomfort. They even offer bulge enhancing boxer briefs, which can provide an easy confidence boost. Choose from a number of different underwear styles and three different “subscription flavors”, which include Surprise, Classic and Wild. This will help Shinesty send the perfect pair right to your front door. Don’t love what you got? Send the pair back for a new one or cancel any time, no questions asked.

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Courtesy of Shinesty


3. Underwear Expert


Underwear Expert is an underwear subscription brand that truly focuses on 100% customer satisfaction. Like the two options prior, Underwear Expert membership begins by filling out a quiz before they send underwear to your front door. Underwear Expert’s quiz is a bit more detailed to ensure your underwear selects are a lot more catered to your likes. Pick a multitude of styles and colors you like by answering extra-specific questions. For example, say you hate the color yellow. You can quite literally let Underwear Expert know that you want nothing yellow by unchecking a box. Waist sizes are available (even in odd numbers) between 28 and 40 to get your exact size. You can choose between one, two and three pairs sent monthly with your first box, which is available at 25% off.

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Courtesy of Underwear Expert




MANBUNS is here to support your buns and package, boys. This colorful, kooky underwear subscription is here to make underwear fun, and why shouldn’t it be? If you love the idea of wearing an eggplant emoji on your briefs, then MANBUNS is the perfect underwear club for you.

Here’s how it works: as you could’ve guessed, buyers take a tiny quiz where they tell MANBUNS their size and style preferences. MANBUNS will then send one pair of underwear to you on a monthly basis, and thanks to their extra-colorful designs, you’ll look forward to a fun surprise every time. You can choose to receive monthly, every three months, every six months or on an annual basis.

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Courtesy of MANBUNS


5. Daily Jocks


Not every pair of underwear needs to be the most SFW pair in your wardrobe. Some of the best men’s underwear is simply made for showing off your ASSets. Daily Jocks’ underwear subscription service is here to deliver only the sexiest men’s underwear you can find online. Month by month, Daily Jocks will send you two pairs of underwear in styles of your preference. Styles include briefs, boxer briefs and of course, jockstraps. Payment frequencies can be on a month-to-month basis, every six months or yearly. Snag a pair every month or every two months if preferred.

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Courtesy of Daily Jocks