Screw Dressing for Your Gender! Check Out These Gender-Bending Unisex Options You Should Incorporate Into Your Wardrobe

Boy Smells Underwear
Courtesy of Boy Smells

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Growing up we were always told that we needed to present a certain way through our clothing in order to represent our gender the “right” way. Girls wore dresses and boys wore suits. Girls wore skirts and boys wore shorts. Girls wore makeup and boys used hair gel. Well, times have changed.

Although 2020’s been a rough one thus far, one good thing that’s come from it is how open people are becoming to bending gender through fashion in order to express themselves. To Billy Porter throwing on a gown at the Met Gala red carpet last year to Jacob Elordi’s iconic glitter moment from the hit HBO series Euphoria, gender expression is being pushed in ways nobody ever expected in this modern age, allowing everyone to break the barrier of gender-expressive limitations in whichever way they’d like.

So you’re a guy who wants to throw on a slip dress? Go for it. A woman who’d rather rock a pantsuit to work? One hundred percent yes. A non-binary person matching a red lip and smokey eye with a suit and tie? That’s what we like to see. Two words: fuck it. If there’s ever been a time to put yourself out of your comfort zone and dress in a way you never thought would be deemed acceptable, it’s now.

Apparel companies are also blurring the lines between their men’s and women’s departments by releasing more unisex clothing. If you need some guidance on shopping for unisex clothing but you don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. Here are some of the most fashionable unisex clothing trends to rock in 2020. It’s time to gender-bend, baby.


1. Entireworld Recycled Cotton Crew Sweater


To start off simple, we wanted to share one of our favorite picks from Entireworld. The brand doesn’t necessarily claim to have unisex clothing, though all of their modern basics have the ability to be expressed by anyone no matter the gender it’s intended for. Even our editorial director Jamie Miles said so herself in our recent Entireworld feature, explaining that she loves this men’s button-down shirt for its cozy work-from-home aesthetic. Right now, we’re really honed in on the brand’s recycled cotton crew for its genderless look and fall-forward representation. Wear this however you’d like — with a casual pair of jeans, your comfiest leggings, heels and dulled brown lip, under a suit jacket or comfortably with your favorite college sweats. This is really best for somebody who wants a staple piece they can feel comfortable wearing with or without pushing their gender limitations. It just depends on how you wear it.

Entireworld Recycled Cotton Crew Sweater Courtesy of Entireworld


2. Boy Smells Unmentionables


Boy Smells, which is our go-to brand for deliciously scented candles, offers a wide variety of unisex underwear they’re calling “Unmentionables“, which are built to break gender stereotypes as the layers come off. The idea is simple: wear what you want to wear, whether they be boxer briefs, tighty-whities, trunks or bralettes. Each pair of underwear comes with either a front pouch or a flat fix for total comfort no matter what you have below the belt. The bralettes offered are cozy as hell and have the ability to support as little or as much as you have on your chest. So, if you’re someone who presents as a guy that has a flat chest, you have all the right to throw on these candy-colored bralettes if you desire. For people who otherwise wouldn’t wear clothing items like this, this is a great start to bend your gender expression due to the fact that nobody will ever know what you have on under your day-to-day fit — unless you want them to.

Boy Smells Unmentionables Courtesy of Boy Smells


3. Converse Chuck 70 Sneaker


We’ve been rocking Converse since we were tots, but unknowingly, we were sporting unisex fashion that entire time. These sneakers have always been gender-neutral and look just as good with a pair of dad jeans as they do with a midi skirt. You can snag a pair of Converse in practically any shade, color and style now. While most of the time, experimenting with your color choices aren’t always going to push the gender boundary, these could work as an awesome addition to whatever else you choose to wear in your day-to-day.

Converse Chuck 70 Sneaker Courtesy of Converse


4. Lululemon Time to Flounce Skirt


This skirt will look great on anyone’s body, but specifically for dudes who are looking to add a little bit of airflow to their wardrobe ala Jonathan Van Ness, this one’s our favorite skirt for starting out. Skirts in recent years have become more of a unisex clothing option than ever, and this skirt to us at least has gender-neutral written all over it. This midi skirt look is an effortlessly casual addition that will help you both stand out and stand in due to its neutral navy coloration and flowy design. Because it hits just below the knee, you’ll get tons of coverage but still get the ability to show off your favorite pair of boots or hi-tops this fall.

Because the sizes are in women’s, you might not know where to start. Thankfully, this skirt comes with a drawstring top, so you’ll get a little bit of stretching room even if you screw up the sizing. Don’t feel the need to go above and beyond with this thing either if you don’t want, feel free to express yourself in this skirt any way you’d like. Even simply throw this on with your favorite white button-down or band tee and call it a day.

Lululemon Time to Flounce Skirt Courtesy of Lululemon


5. 69 Cow Mask


One excellent way to push your gender expression a little in the opposite direction now more than ever is with your face mask. With various online retailers pushing masks of all colors and designs at us right now and given the fact that we should all be wearing them (none of you are exempt), feel free to garner up the courage and snag a mask others may deem more “masculine” or “feminine” and represent another side of yourself. Right now, we’re loving this tie-dye cow mask from the unisex and gender-neutral La-based denim brand, 69. This mask is pretty unisex in itself, so no one will question how you’re trying to present yourself, but it could allow you to muster up the chutzpah to express yourself further with the rest of your look when you’re out in public with this.

69 Cow Mask Courtesy of 69


6. USA Crop Top


No matter your gender or body type, crop tops are sexy and we all know it. At this point, it’s just common knowledge. For men looking to dip their toes into traditionally deemed “women’s clothing”, know that crop tops weren’t always necessarily perceived as feminine. I mean hey, just look at Zach and Slater from Saved By The Bell, the two of them killed the crop top game. We’re loving this vintage-inspired all-American crop top for lounging at home, running errands, working out at the gym or heading to the bar down the street. Pair it with your favorite pair of Levi’s and a dirty pair of all-white Converse hi-tops, and you’ve got yourself a look, my friend.

USA Crop Top Courtesy of Amazon


7. H&M Long Cardigan


While cardigans are typically thought of as more feminine, why hold yourself back from wearing one if you’re a dude? These things are cozy as hell and are even acceptable to wear in most office scenarios. Meaning, yes, the oversized design and super soft texture will make you feel like you’re wearing a blanket all day long. Save the crewneck for another time and drape this over your work chair for whenever you’re feeling chilly. You won’t regret it.

H&M Long Cardigan Courtesy of H&M


8. Kendra Scott Faceted Elle Drop Earrings


Dangly earrings are currently in style for all genders, but more recently, guys have been pushing the boundaries with their danglies by throwing on brightly-colored, otherwise “feminine” earrings to accessories their ‘fits. Whether you choose to locally thrift a pair of colorful jewels, “borrow” from mom or shop online for your very own pair, there are numerous dangly styles online that will suit your style. We currently love these bright blue drop earrings from Kendra Scott because of their bold coloration and almost oceanic overview. Pair these with your favorite Levi’s jean jacket for a look that’ll shake the classic pedestrian — in a good way.

Kendra Scott Faceted Elle Drop Earrings Courtesy of Nordstrom


9. Target Satin Slip Dress


We know, wearing a dress is probably the furthest any guy can go to push the boundaries in terms of gender expression. But, we say again, fuck it. This slip is only $17.50 from Target, so if you hate it after trying it out, it’s no big deal in the slightest. But, if you’ve ever in your life even thought about throwing on a dress, we just suggest you do. Try it out, nobody’s forcing you, but push the boundaries if you want to. Live a little and try something you’ve always been scared to try out.

We’re loving this satin slip dress for its price, color, style and length. Bare shoulders always look dope in dresses and the midi length allows you to push the boundaries while staying comfortable. Again, no one’s making you throw away your cargo shorts and hoodie, but if you want to try something totally new, here’s your chance. Do you, bud.

Satin Slip Dress Courtesy of Target