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The Best Vegan Leather Belts For Men On Amazon

* “Leather” belts made with zero animal products
* Part of the fashion industry’s push for sustainability
* Stylish, high-quality belts for different looks

Everybody needs at least one leather belt in their wardrobe, but that no longer means you have to support the use of animal products. As the fashion industry becomes more sustainable, brands are releasing high-quality vegan leather products, including some very stylish vegan leather belts. Check out the best options below.

1. DG Hill Braided Vegan Belt

Braided belts provide some throwback style, but also a highly customizable waist size. We recommend this one as a go-to because it’s sustainable, well-made, and very well-priced.


2. Beltiscool Clamp On Vegan Leather Belt

This belt features a statement-making ostrich design that looks great with minimal summer outfits. For less than $20 you can channel the western vibes that high fashion is loving right now, and save a few hides.


3. Corkor Vegan Belt

Instead of faux leather, this vegan belt is made in Portugal using 100% cork. The result is a soft, durable belt that you can wear with anything.


4. The Vegan Collection Reversible Belt

A simple, stylish belt like this is a menswear staple. This one is made of premium vegan leather that looks and feels just like the real thing, and goes great with a crisp office suit or dinner outfit.


5. SlideBelts Leather Ratchet Belt

This SlideBelt comes highly rated with 4.5 stars and over 500 reviews because it’s well made, classically styled, and easy to adjust. The belt’s unique design doesn’t have any holes – just a sliding lock that allows precise, comfortable sizing.


6. Truth Vegan Belt

Our favorite vegan belt is this one from Truth. The no-frills design is great for every personal style, and the premium nylon-vinyl blend is highly durable and nearly indistinguishable from real leather.

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