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The 8 Best Vegan Leather Jackets for Men To Rock in 2022

Vegan leather jackets are a wardrobe staple that’s anything but basic. Slipping one on can instantly up your style game. Unlike genuine leather, the best vegan leather jackets for men don’t absorb water, are easier to clean and aren’t as heavy. No one wants to spend an afternoon applying mink oil to a leather jacket just to make it comfortable and to stop that weird creaking noise.

Vegan leather jackets offer all of the style without any of the annoying maintenance or animal parts. While some faux jackets are simply a more affordable version of leather jackets, you can also find vegan leather clothing from the world’s top designers, who often use this material in their work.

Vegan Jackets for Men 101

Vegan leather is also called faux leather and artificial leather. While vegan leather can be made from cork, mushrooms and other interesting ingredients, most vegan leather is made with polyurethane. Most faux leather jackets will state that they’re either made from polyurethane or polyester, but the truth is polyurethane and polyester are the same thing.

We know that “vegan” sounds fancy-schmancy, top designers like Stella McCartney, Nanushka and Donatella Versace often use the word “faux” when describing their leather-looking goods. Basically, salespeople and search engines use these terms interchangeably.

Unlike real leather, these jackets don’t need to be treated with special products, and most can be thrown in the wash. However, while genuine leather will look better with age when treated properly, faux leather can crack and rub away in time.

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The Different Styles of Vegan Leather Jackets

The best vegan leather jackets for men come in four main styles: biker, motorcycle jackets (also known as racing or moto jackets), bomber and trucker.

Vegan leather biker jackets have a boxy cut, a front diagonal zipper, wide lapels, zippered sleeves, a front snap pocket and may have a belted waist. Think The Ramones or Matthew Hitt. Biker jackets add a rock n’ roll edge to an outfit.

Vegan leather bomber jackets are based on the ones worn in WWII. Like a varsity jacket, they have ribbed cuffs, collar, and waist, and two slash pockets. They’ve got a sporty, masculine vibe. Think Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in Captain America or Ewan MacGregor in Trainspotting.

Vegan leather moto jackets have a lean look, as they were originally designed for motorcycle racing. They usually have a snap collar, zippered sleeves and a curved back hem. Some are detailed with quilted shoulders, sleeves, or a quilted lower back panel. Actors Bradley Cooper and Dwayne Johnson are fans of this style.

Finally, vegan trucker jackets look like an elongated version of a denim jacket. They either have a snap or zippered front, two front flap pockets and two slash pockets.


1. Levi’s Classic Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket


The first motorcycle jacket was designed by Schott NYC in 1928 and sold by Harley Davidson. Made from heavy leather, the belted waist kept the jacket in place while the wind whipped around you. The diagonal zipper was used to keep the jacket lying flat when the rider was hunched over the bike. The style has stayed the same throughout the years. Sometimes belts and epaulets were taken off and then re-added depending on the era. It’s really an iconic piece of clothing that can be found the world over.

Made by Levi’s, another fashion legend, this vegan black leather motorcycle jacket has all the bells and whistles you crave; shiny silver-tone zippers on the front and sleeves, epaulets, and a diagonal zippered pocket.

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Courtesy of Amazon

2. ANDERSSON BELL Black Faux Leather Unisex Raw Cut Jacket


This unisex faux leather jacket has massive retro vibes with its oversized cut and wide notched lapels. The roomy cut allows you to layer it over a thick sweater.

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Courtesy of Ssense

3. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Classic Faux Leather Jacket


Cut like the classic Harrington Jacket, this vegan leather jacket can be styled with chinos for work, and jeans for play. Tommy Hilfiger’s faux leather jacket zips up, has adjustable cuffs, an interior pocket and two lower pockets. It also comes in earth, navy, and dark brown.

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Courtesy of Amazon

4. Vegan Commando Black and White Biker Jacket


Add some flash and rock n’ roll to your days (or nights) with this two-tone vegan leather biker jacket. The black-and-white design harkens back to the original biker jackets, but it has a modern slim fit and a quilted body for warmth. Straight to Hell has been making vegan leather, or as they like to call it “artificial leather” jackets, for 10 years. Their jacket sizes run from 34 short to 56. This two-tone biker jacket also sports zippered sleeves and pockets.

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Courtesy of Straight To Hell Apparel

5. Guess Faux Leather Moto Jacket with Detachable Hood


This sleek faux leather moto jacket has a quilted lining (with interior pocket) and detachable bib and hood. It has two top and two lower zippered pockets. It also comes in brown and dark brown.

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Courtesy of Macy's

6. ASOS DESIGN Western Jacket in Gold Snakeskin Faux Leather


You’ll definitely capture the spotlight in this snakeskin print vegan leather jacket from ASOS. While it may not be everyone’s style, we love the opportunity to flex a little and show off something a bit out of the ordinary from time to time. And best of all, because it’s from ASOS, it’s a fairly affordable piece of clothing.

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Courtesy of ASOS



7. chouyatou Men’s Vintage Leather Jacket


Ever want to channel your inner Avenger? You’re in luck with this faux leather trucker jacket. It’s the style twin of the jacket worn by Bucky Barnes, AKA the Winter Soldier, in the Avengers movies. It has a stand-up collar, two front snap pockets and zippered sleeves. It also comes in tan and coffee brown.

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Courtesy of Amazon

8. Levi’s Faux-Leather Sherpa Aviator Jacket in Earth


Lined in faux Sherpa, this faux leather aviator jacket is toasty warm, has a standup collar and ribbed cuffs. And there are so many pockets: two upper zip pockets, two chest pockets that snap close, two lower pockets and one inside pocket. Oh, and it’s water-resistant too.

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Courtesy of Amazon