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The 12 Best Walking Shoes That Have Style for Days

While you may have never thought that you’d ever wear a walking shoe, the best walking shoes for guys do combine comfort, support and — these days — serious style.  As we age, so do our feet. Work, heredity, or a combination of the two can assist in creating tired, aching feet. There are walking shoes that look like tennis shoes, hiking boots and running shoes. Each type of walking shoe can assist in alleviating more than one type of foot problem.

Whether you have a high or low arch, are flat-footed or are dealing with Plantar Fasciitis or bone spurs, we’ve found the best walking shoes for you. Ready to treat your feet? Check out our round-up of the best walking shoes for men below!


1. Puma Calibrate Runner Men’s Shoes


While it has “runner” in its name, this new Puma running shoe is perfect for walkers. Created with the brand’s XEXTIC smart tech, this is a shoe designed to not only cradle the foot with comfort but utilize 3-D printing to create a soul that absorbs shock and relieves stress from the foot’s pressure points. Working with MIT’s Design Lab, Puma created cushioning technology that seriously considered what a runner’s foot goes through during a workout. The result was a cushion and foam structure that is shaped like the number 8, and it provides what they call “progressive cushioning.”  The shoe has a knit upper, and a flexible sock collar making it easy to slip on or off. It also boasts a sheer overlay on the lateral side for additional support. The Calibrate also comes in a black and mint combination.

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Courtesy of Puma

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2. Skechers Arch Fit Paradyme


Skechers has a slew of walking shoes for guys that offer all-day comfort. Their Arch Fit collection contains podiatrist-certified arch support. Their Paradyme is one of the styles within the collection. It’s crafted with the same attention to detail as the higher-priced walking shoes. In addition to the built-in arch support, it has a removable comfort insole, cushioned flexible midsole, an interior cushioning system that provides foot guidance and a flexible rubber traction outsole.

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Courtesy of Skechers

3. ASICS Gel-Nimbus 21


Having high arches can translate into having a bit of difficulty when it comes to buying fashionable shoes. The body’s weight is carried between the heels and the balls of the feet, and as we age, that continuous pressure can cause supination where the foot rolls outwards. That can cause all sorts of ankle issues, including sprained ankles. The ASICS Gel-Nimbus 2 has been engineered to keep the foot stable, with an extra heel plug on the outsole to keep you going for miles. There’s also an external-heel counter to keep it firmly in place. The midsole has bouncy cushioning while the rear and front of the shoe has gel technology turned into extra shock-absorbing silicone that can come in handy when doing any heavy-impact activity.

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Courtesy of Asics

4. Saucony Men’s Echelon Walker 3


Saucony’s Echelon men’s walking shoe is on a lot of best men’s walking shoe lists not only for the way it’s engineered but also for the reason that the walking shoe comes in medium, wide and extra-wide widths. Not many sneaker companies have extra-wide shoes, especially one that comes with these features. On your feet all day, or if you’re an avid walker, these shoes keep the foot stable (stop it from pronating to one side or the other) and the PWRRUN midsole cradles your underfoot. The full-grain leather upper looks like a smart tennis shoe, the outsole is non-skid rubber, affording good traction on surfaces. If you need to wear orthotics, the shoe can handle them.

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Courtesy of Saucony



5. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 Road Running Shoes


Plantar Fasciitis is when the plantar fascia (a thin band of tissue that goes through the heel area) becomes inflamed and any step is very painful. A shoe with extra cushioning can make a world of difference. And with the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21, they’ve extended the DNA Loft cushioning through to midsole, to cradle feet and absorb shock. This walking shoe also features their exclusive GuideRails Support, to prevent extra stress on the knees.

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Courtesy of Brooks

6. Merrell Moab 2 Gore-Tex


Merrell has an excellent reputation for hiking boots and shoes, and their walking shoes are equally good. If you’re someone who enjoys hitting the trails as well as the sidewalk, this all-terrain walking shoe is a good bet. The Vibram outsole offers excellent traction and grip and the closed foam tongue keeps anything from getting into the shoe. The interior has been completely engineered to create a smoothing walking and standing experience. Features include a molded nylon arch shank, a Merrell heel air cushion that adds stability and padding, Merrell created the Merrell M Select FIT+ECO contoured footbed with additional arch and heel support. The synthetic leather and mesh upper is covered by a Gore-Tex membrane making the walking/hiking shoe impervious to bad weather.

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Courtesy of Merrell

7. Florsheim Crossover Lace Toe Sneaker


Florsheim’s Crossover sneaker gives the appearance of a snazzy lace-up but has the features of a good walking shoe. The leather upper has a breathable mesh lining that can keep your feet cool. While there is a  super EVA cushioned midsole for padding and ease of rebound, there’s also a cushioned padded removable insole for extra protection and shock absorption. And on the bottom, the rubber sole is skid-resistant and has Flexisole Technology so that the shoe moves easily with you.

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Courtesy of Florsheim

8. Skechers Arch Fit Shoe


You’ve probably seen the commercials with Howie Long touting the comfort of Skecher’s extra wide shoes. The man looks like one happy camper. But did you know that Skechers has an entire collection of podiatrist-certified walking shoes for men? The Arch Fit walking shoe has arch support as well as a removable comfort insole for extra cushioning. The midsole is cushioned and designed to flex with your foot, and it has a resilient cushioning system throughout the shoe that’s made to guide your foot through your various gaits. For added comfort, the tongue and collar are padded, and it has a flexible rubber traction outsole. The Arch Fit comes in five colors and sizes range from sizes 7 to 14.

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Courtesy of Skechers

9. Kuru Atom


Kuru’s Atom walking shoe can be found on many lists of the best walking shoes for anyone suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, bone spurs or those in need of additional arch support. Atom is a vegan walking shoe that’s engineered to relieve foot pain from arch and heel issues as well as PF. Their walking shoe is designed to hug the heel with their proprietary KUROSOLE that’s combined with their own KURUClOUD midsole. Its midsole is flared towards the heel for stable landings. The arch support is built-in, improves alignment and it has a multilayer upper that combines a mesh outer with a padded heel collar that conforms to the foot.

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Care of Kuru

10. Hoka One One Bondi SR


A flat foot has no discernable arch, and if walking or standing for a long period of time, the foot can become very painful to stand on, and pain can even travel up the leg. For anyone who needs to be upright for long periods of time and is dealing with flat feet, the solution is a men’s walking shoe that is heavily cushioned. How good is Hoka One One? They’re recipients of the American Pediatric Medical Association award, and proudly show off the APMA seal on their shoes, as their shoes promote good foot health.  Flat-footed people should try out the Hoka One One Bondi SR. It has a water-resistant leather upper and a slip-resistant outsole. The beauty of this shoe is the inner cushioning that combines an EVA midsole and the brand’s signature super plush padding. The outsole has been tested on wet, oily  and soapy surfaces and has amazing traction. It comes in three colorways.

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Courtesy of Hoka One One

11. Brooks Addiction Walker 2


Low arches, like high arches or flat feet, can create a host of foot issues. One of the ancillary problems that arise from foot pain is that it can create additional stress to the knee and the back, which then in turn causes more pain. The solution is to find a walking shoe for men that protects a low-arched foot from additional stress and provides comfort. Brooks, which makes quite a few walking shoes for men and women, designed the Addiction Walker 2 with foot issues in mind. This walking shoe has a stiff outsole and a built-in arch cushioning that adapts to your gait and your day. This keeps the foot stable and makes each step pleasant, not painful.

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Courtesy of Brooks

12. New Balance 847v4


Made specifically for walkers, the New Balance 847v4 looks like a sleek running shoe. It’s been engineered to create stability and control rear foot movement. New Balance added a TPU heel insert and rear stability system to alleviate stress on the heel while keeping things balanced. The walking shoe has midsole cushioning that combines two different types of cushions fused into one for additional comfort that’s responsive to the foot’s needs. The walking shoe is lightweight, with a breathable mesh upper and a rubber outsole that provides traction and additional stability.

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Courtesy of New Balance

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