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The Best Watch Tools for At-Home Repairs

There’s plenty of joy in scouring the market for, and eventually buying, your new favorite watch, but you need the best watch tools to keep it in tip-top shape. Watch tools run the gamut of tools to remove extra links (on a stainless steel watch), tools to swap your watch band out (with a leather strap watch) and even watch tools that allow you to take on basic watch repairs yourself. Of course, finding the right watch tools is arguably as important as figuring out the watch (or watches) you’re going to buy.

Some watches are easy to work with on your own, and some watches (especially luxury watches) are best left in the hands of a professional, like a watch repair shop or a trusted jeweler. But if you’ve taken the time to amass more than a few of the best men’s watches, then we’re willing to bet you’re well on your way to immersing yourself in the world of fine timepieces. That’ll lead you down the road we’ll travel today, with the best watch tools close at hand to help you treat, care for and even upgrade your favorite watch.

Let’s start by covering the basics, shall we?


1. Zistel 10-in-1 Watch Link Removal Tool


Any set of the best watch tools should include multiple components to tackle multiple problems. While we leave it up to you as to your watch of choice for daily wear, it’s tough to top the rugged versatility of the stainless steel watch, especially seeing as you can use a tool kit like this one to remove the stainless steel band entirely. From there, you can swap in other types of straps, like a fabric watch strap (also known as a NATO strap for its historical use by British armed forces). The fabric strap will slide through the back of the watch once you’ve removed the stainless steel band. In effect, you can use a watch link removal kit to give yourself multiple watches for the price of one timepiece. This kit also comes with several pieces to fit several types of watches, another handy addition considering that the widths of watch bands also differ.

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2. Barton Watch Tools Spring Bar Tool 


When a company hones in specifically on watch tools and accessories, you can be sure they know what they’re doing (to say the very least). If you’ve already got a watch repair kit and some basic tools handy, but feel like you need to round things out, then this stainless steel spring bar tool is your best bet. It’s carefully crafted for long-lasting durability and ease of use when removing the pins that typically attach your watch band (even a leather watch band) to the watch case itself. Barton also makes super-neat Quick Release straps that allow for the process to flow even more smoothly. That means this watch spring bar tool need only be used if you’re removing your original watch strap. That being said, it’s an easy buy given that it’s one of the best spring bar tools on the market (if not the best).

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Barton Watch Bands


3. Vastar Watch Repair Kit


There are plenty of watch tool kits out there, big and small, that deliver plenty of bang for your buck. But for our money’s worth, this watch repair kit is easily one of the best watch tool kits, packed with all the bells and whistles you need to take on simple watch repairs yourself. As we said, some watch repairs should be left to the pros, without a doubt, but if you’ve got an extensive collection and are able to take on the basics (there’s always YouTube), then this packed kit is a solid purchase. It’s got different types of tools to take on different watches and different tasks, like changing a watch battery or making strap adjustments. Plus, it retails for under $20.

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4. Euro Tool Watch Case Opening Ball


Now, here’s a unique watch tool that’s easier to use than you might think, and yet should also be handled with care. It’s designed to open your watch case back without leaving marks or scratches. It allows you to check out watch movements and provides ease of access for any other research or minor repairs you might need to take on, but again, there are some cases (pun intended) that should be left to the pros. But any rotation of the best watch tools should have you covered for any situation, and this unique DIY tool helps round out your rotation of timepiece tips and tricks.

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5. Hagerty Stainless Steel Cleaning Cloth 


It’s the little details that make the difference in the world of watch care and repair, not unlike the fact that it’s the small touches that separate the truly stylish, effective watches from the rest of the pack. Precision is the name of the game, so why wouldn’t you want to care for your stainless steel timepiece (or any watch, for that matter) in the best way possible? This cloth is specifically designed for stainless steel watches and accessories, but it could come in handy any time you need to spruce up your watch dial and case. It can be used on other types of accessories if need be but is especially useful for that trusty stainless steel dive watch.

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6. Anyasun Single Watch Winding Case


Here’s a watch tool that’s technically a watch case, but still a tool — stay with us on this. While it’s got the look and feel of a case for a trusted watch, it’s more than that. Place your watch within the case, and it does the rest, using rotating movement to wind your watch while you’re not wearing it (remember, automatic watches wind themselves and stay on time through the natural movement of your wrist). This is a nice substitute that ensures your watches keep on ticking precisely and accurately. And if you’ve got a large rotation of watches, it’s a nice tool to use when you’re not wearing one of your most trusted timepieces.

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