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Dive In Feet First: The 5 Best Shoes to Go Swimming In

* Water shoes protect your feet from sharp rocks and stinging sea creatures
* Protect your feet during aquatic adventures 
* Dive in this summer with a fashionable yet functional pair

There aren’t many things better than spending a day at the beach. Splashing around in the waves and mastering water sports is hard to beat. However, one wrong step outside onto unseen rocks or a stinging sea creature can really put a dampener on the day. A simple way to protect your feet from water injuries is to pop on a pair of water shoes. Not only are they a great alternative for people who don’t really like slip-on options, these shoes offer more protection than your average summer footwear.

1. JIASUQI Women’s Water Shoes

An affordable alternative to walking barefoot into the water, the

are suitable for both men and women. Furthermore, they are made from an ultra light stretchy material that makes the shoes easy to put on and take off when compared to other water shoe options. 

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2. C9 Champion Lucille Water Shoes

Ideal for water aerobics or water therapy, the C9 Champion version of the water shoe for women boasts a nylon fabric top and a hard bottom. The fitted shoes slip on and off thanks to the sliding design. In addition, the mesh around the edges allows for breathable wear both in and out of the water. Plus, the pink lining adds a feminine flair to an otherwise neutral shoe.

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3. Body Glove Horizon Athletic Water Shoe

Some of the best fitting water shoes on the market, the

will keep your feet safe in and out of the water this summer. The shoes are so lightweight it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing shoes at all with them on your feet. Plus, they’re also adjustable thanks to a velcro strap.

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4. Speedo Men’s Surfwalker


features a stretchy pull-on exterior complimented by a cushioned insole. Furthermore, the new S-TRAC TPR outsole was designed to specifically stream water away from the shoe, ensuring better slip resistance. Transition from home to the water and back with these stylish shoes.

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5. Stohlquist Bodhi Water Shoe

Comfort and protection are the two most important features of the Stohlquist Bodhi Water Shoe for men. Built with adventure in mind, these shoes have mesh paneling along the side for ventilation and drainage as well as non-slip TPR soles. In addition, the molded midsole gives your feet a comfortable place to rest during long days of paddling or hiking. The pull tabs at the top are also a nice addition for pulling the shoes on and off, even when they’re wet.

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