The Best Winter Coats to Help You Stay Warm While Looking Cool

Banana Republic Italian Melton Top Coat
Courtesy of Banana Republic

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As winter inches closer and closer to becoming a reality, now is an excellent time to sit down and take stock about whether or not you’ve got the proper coat to keep warm when those frigid temperatures finally roll into town. The key to finding a good winter coat is getting something that’s not only warm (look for dense fabrics like wool or even down), but will also provide some protection against rain or snow too. Furthermore, with so many great options, why not reach for something that’s stylish too?

Regardless of how you want to look and feel this winter, we’ve selected 19 of our favorite winter coats to help you tough it through the worst of it.


1. Uniqlo Wool Cashmere Chesterfield Winter Coat


Uniqlo is all about stylish and trendy essentials for a reasonable price, which makes this double-breasted winter coat such a winner. For $150, you’re getting blended wool and cashmere topcoat that’s great to wear both on its own or on top of some warm layers. Regardless of how you may style it, the cashmere construction is not only going to provide you with warmth but also make the coat feel extremely soft to the touch. And it’s much cheaper than what you’d pay for a similarily-constructed coat. It’s an altogether compelling and affordable package.

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Uniqlo Wool Cashmere Chesterfield Winter Coat Courtesy of Uniqlo


2. Carhartt Arctic Quilt Lined Duck Traditional Coat


Carhartt is known for its commitment to crafting the best possible workwear around, so if you’re looking for a winter coat that can keep you warm for extended periods of time, look no further than this coat. With a fully waterproof and breathable outer, this coat will brace you from the cold but not make you sweat when the wind has stopped whipping. There are also several front pockets, complete with durable snap closures, for you to stow away any and all gear you may need throughout the day.

Carhartt Arctic Quilt Lined Duck Traditional Coat Courtesy of Amazon


3. Pendleton Seal Rock Waterproof Rain Coat


Rain? Snow? Sleet? We seem to get it all every single winter. And, if you’ve ever been caught out in inclement weather without a waterproof coat, you’ll know damn well just how uncomfortable it is. That’s where Pendleton’s Seal Rock Waterproof Rain Coat comes into the mix. This affordable raincoat is reliable and durable under any ugly outdoor circumstances. The coat is visually quite stylish and has numerous pockets both on the exterior and interior for safekeeping.

Pendleton Seal Rock Waterproof Rain Coat Courtesy of Nordstrom


4. Patagonia Insulated Snowshot Winter Coat


If you’re in a city where your lift pass gets used more than Lyft app, this winter coat from Patagonia will be your best friend. Made from 90% recycled materials, this durable and soft coat provides plenty of waterproofing should you take a spill on the slopes. Additionally, it’s lined with synthetic down to keep you warm while you’re shredding powder. Additional details help out the most hardcore, including an expanded hood with room to cover a helmet and a low-profile powder skirt to help keep out any unwanted snow.

Patagonia Insulated Snowshot Winter Coat Patagonia


5. Nautica Classic Double Breasted Peacoat


The peacoat is one of those classic menswear staples that belongs in every man’s closest. Typically made from dense wool, they make a stylish and fun option to wear around all winter long. The double-breasted nature of this version from Nautica will elevate your look to the nines while keeping you warm at the same time. This version is done in a navy style that’s as classic as the Dutch sailors who popularized the coat.

Nautica Classic Double Breasted Peacoat Courtesy of Amazon


6. Banana Republic Italian Melton Top Coat


If you look at a coat as an investment, you want to buy a coat that will look good this year and the next few. If you amortize the cost of a pricey coat (or any high-end item) you’ll find that the more you wear it, the lower the price of owning it is. Going along these lines, if you are going to buy a coat like this one, you want it to be able to work or look good in a variety of situations. This Italian Melton top coat is made from some of the world’s most luxurious fibers to be warmer and sustainable than anything else sitting in your closet. It has a frontal two-button closure to keep the cold out and a number of pockets for keeping all of your valuables safe.

Banana Republic Italian Melton Top Coat Courtesy of Banana Republic


7. The North Face Gotham Jacket III


Men’s coats with clean lines always look fresh season after season. British designer Ted Baker is known for his luxurious takes on modern sportswear. His wool-blend coat with its standup collar has a hidden interior ribbed trim at the neckline. The coat zips up with a concealed zipper to keep things looking tidy.

The North Face Gotham Jacket III Courtesy of The North Face


8. Columbia Dawn Watch Black Dot Winter Coat


The great thing about outdoor companies like Columbia is that they’re constantly trying to find innovative ways to make their products better. In the case of winter coats, that means finding new ways to keep you even warmer than before. Case in point: The Dawn Watch Black Dot winter coat has external black dots that actively trap warmth by capturing heat from the sun. Meanwhile, the thermal lining helps to reflect your body heat back into you to keep you warm when the sunsets. It’s a fancy bit of technical design to ensure the cold doesn’t bother you anyway.

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Columbia Dawn Watch Black Dot Winter Coat Columbia


9. J.Crew Nordic Parka Winter Coat


The J.Crew Nordic Parka winter coat is a great coat for a city dweller that faces all sorts of wacky weather. A water-resistant outer helps if you’re caught in some light rain, while the interior is lined with PrimaLoft to keep you extra warm without adding extra or needed weight or bulk (both great factors for a winter coat) and those who need flexibility and mobility. Other details like fleece-lined hand pockets, a shoulder pocket and a sharp color that’s incredibly in-vogue for this season make this parka a must-have.

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J.Crew Nordic Parka Winter Coat Courtesy of J.Crew


10. Canada Goose Brockton Parka


We’ve talked a little bit about Canada Goose before, but their Brockton winter coat is the pinnacle of luxury. Equivalent to a high-end sports car, all of Canada Goose’s products are made from the best materials: a superior nylon outer is built for high performance while staying both soft and durable, the down-fill interior will provide a high level of warmth that won’t require lots of additional layering and interior backpack straps to carry the coat without putting your arms in. The slim fit also ensures you won’t look too puffy while you’re in the cold — without having to sacrifice any functional elements. Best of all? Canada Goose is going completely fur-free soon.

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Canada Goose Brockton Parka Black Label Courtesy of Canada Goose


11. North & Mark Damen Primaloft Winter Coat


Looks can be deceiving, which is certainly the case with this North & Mark winter coat; the exterior looks like a traditional wool coat, but it’s actually been beefed up and reinforced inside with Primaloft synthetic down that adds warmth without adding bulk. Additionally, the wool outer has been treated to cut down on wind, rain, and stains. It looks trendy, but can take a beating — and that duality is hard to come by.

North & Mark Damen Primaloft Winter Coat Courtesy of North and Mark


12. PureMSX Down Alternative Hooded Parka


No one wants to become frozen during a vicious cold snap. For those who want a warm, thick coat that keeps the elements at bay, the usual answer is a down jacket. Now there are those of us who would prefer not to wear or use any type of down in their outerwear gear. It can be hard to find a coat the delivers protection and comfort without using down feathers. Down alternative materials have come a long way since their inception, and now there’s a ton of options. This down alternative hooded parka from PureMSX has garnered a ton of glowing reviews.

Reviewers mentioned that it kept them warm in minus 10 degrees and that it looked like one of the higher-end down jackets. The only downside is that for some reason, the brand placed the zipper on the wrong side for guys. The sleeves have tightly ribbed cuffs, four outer pockets, one inside pocket and one zippered pocket on the sleeve. The faux-fur trim can be detached from the hood. It comes in black, navy, army green, beige, dark grey and camo.

PureMSX Down Alternative Hooded Parka Courtesy of Amazon


13. UO Sherpa Zip Jacket


Can we say, “sherpa explosion?” Yep, that fuzzy material that was so big in the late 90s and early aughts made a huge comeback a few years ago. It doesn’t look like it’s going to leave anytime soon. Originally, sherpa was used for activewear. Then suddenly someone got the bright idea to create the “teddy coat”, which you can see pictured below. This one definitely takes a unique approach to the teddy coat by covering the whole thing in a scenic pattern. Is it kooky? Yeah. But do we love it? Absolutely.

UO Sherpa Zip Jacket Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


14. Brooks Brothers Wool Duffle Coat


The duffel has got an interesting history. Originally made in the Belgian town of Duffel, the fabric was eventually used by the British Navy in the 1890s. After WWII, the surplus coats became popular with broke college students. Across the ocean, the duffel coat became part of the Classic American i.e. “prep,” lexicon. These days, the duffel coat is made from a much softer wool, usually melton and traditionally lined in plaid. Brooks Brothers used pure double-faced wool, and yep, the lining is done in the Black Tartan Watch plaid. This is a coat style that always looks good, no matter the year.

Brooks-Brothers-Wool-Duffel-Coat Courtesy of Brooks Brothers


15. Target All in Motion Softshell Sherpa Jacket


On the most chipper of winter days, there’s no better feeling than bundling up all your warm, cozy winter accessories. Scarves, earmuffs, hats, gloves, you name it. To top it all off, your best winter coat, of course. And, to top THAT all off, a sherpa hooded interior will have you feeling as snug as a bug in a rug. This affordable softshell sherpa coat from Target keeps the heat in and the cold out. It’s detailed with a water and wind-resistant shell for inclement weather, too.

Target All in Motion Softshell Sherpa Jacket Courtesy of Target


16. Everlane ReNew Long Parka


People have become more aware of sustainability, creating (and keeping) a small carbon footprint. Everlane’s gone out and 100% recycled polyester made from 64 renewed plastic water bottles to create one of the coziest coats you’ll ever put on. Even the insulation is fully recycled. A spiffy coat while helping the environment at the same time? It’s going to be a yes from us.

Everlane ReNew Long Parka Courtesy of Everlane


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