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Good Wood: The 5 Best Wooden Wallets For Your Everyday Carry

* Natural, chic and renewable resource
* Slim yet durable construction
* Avoid the dreaded “wallet bulge”

Money may not grow on trees, but that’s no reason not to keep yours in a high-quality tree-grown wooden wallet. When done right, the wood wallet is a chic, eco-friendly and minimalist alternative to the traditional wallet or billfold.

Thanks to their unique combination of form and comfort, wooden wallets can offer practical storage than the average bill fold while holding their shape better and avoiding the dreaded, unsightly wallet-bulge.

A natural, renewable (and potentially carbon-neutral) material, wood is after all, the original “vegan leather.” So here are the 5 best wooden wallets for your everyday carry.

1. Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

This minimalist front pocket wallet is ultra light and slim, yet secure thanks to its elastic band. It holds up to 5 cards, along with cash.


2. Dellamo Credit Card Case

The Dellamo handmade credit card case is both a practical alternative to a card holder wallet or billfold and a great way to store your business cards. Its snap closure makes opening and handing out cards a breeze.


3. iCraft Slim Wooden Wallet

The iCraft Slim Wooden Wallet is designed for front pockets. It has a slim silhouette and is hand-crafted with top-grain natural wood. An elastic band keeps it tight.

[caption id="attachment_80784" align="aligncenter" width="730"]iCraft Slim Wooden Wallet Courtesy Amazon[/caption]


4. Woodchuck Wooden Business Card Holder

The unique grain of this Woodchuck wooden business card holder adds to the appeal. Each handmade card holder is thus, in a way, unique. It features responsibly-sourced wood and a durable stainless clasp.


5. Slim Timber Wood Wallet

The Slim Timber wood wallet pairs craftsmanship with strength, each one being hewn from a single piece of natural wood and then treated for durability. Plus, it holds up to 8 credit cards along with your cash.

[caption id="attachment_80787" align="aligncenter" width="624"]slim timber wood wallet Courtesy Amazon[/caption]

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