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These Are the Best Wool Socks Money Can Buy in 2021

Winter is coming. Yes, that was a Game of Thrones reference — and for all the right reasons. Temps are dropping and they’re dropping quickly. It’s important you don’t let yourself head out into the cold without the proper essentials to keep you cozy (even in the negatives). You know the deal: cashmere sweaters, handsome scarves, pocket hand warmers and potentially the most important winter-weather must-have of them all, the best wool socks the world has to offer.

You might think that replacing your regular socks with the best wool socks money can buy is kind of, well, pointless. But, it’s not. Your feet need extra warmth in extreme weather conditions and frigid temperatures, no matter how covered you think your tootsies are. For real, you don’t want to lose circulation in your feet solely because you’re not wearing the right socks. Plus, wool socks are so snug and cozy. Once you put them on, you won’t want to take them off. Just don’t become a sock-on sleeper. Those people are weird.

Even if you’ve gone your entire life doing without the extra warming properties provided by wool socks, it’s definitely in your best interest to snag yourself a few pairs and experience the difference. From ankle-length options to long variety packs to colorfully printed solo picks, here are the best wool socks you simply need to try out yourself. You’ll be thanking us later.


1. Time May Tell Merino Wool Hiking Cushion Socks


Keep your feet warm and dry no matter what you put them through with Time May Tell’s merino wool hiking socks. This two-pack is soft and cushy and will absorb moisture in all weather situations. A pair of socks like these are ideal to wear on the trails on days where you don’t really know what the weather has in store, but, they’re also perfect for dudes simply commuting to work in the winter. There are a few color variations that solely stay on the neutrally grey end of the spectrum, which is great because you won’t be that dude in the office that sticks out like a sore thumb in his rubber ducky socks. These are professional and comfortable enough to keep you looking and feeling A1 day in and day out.

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Courtesy of Amazon

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2. L.L.Bean Merino Wool Ragg Socks


L.L.Bean’s been a go-to of ours for protective outdoor clothing and accessories for years now. With that being said, there’s no way we wouldn’t recommend these handsome, heavyweight wool ragg socks. These modern staples are essential for keeping cozy no matter what you have planned for the day. Unlike a majority of the best wool socks on the market, you can actually wash and dry these the way you would with the rest of your socks and undies worry-free because they’ll never shrink on you. These socks come in a variety of options that include a couple of multi-colored picks, too, but we love this creamy two-pack.

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Courtesy of L.L.Bean


3. Smartwool Athlete Edition Run Mountain Print Crew Socks


Cross off the next adventure on your bucket list with Smartwool’s Athlete Edition Run Mountain Print Crew Socks made for total moveability. These socks are built with Indestructawool technology, which is Smartwool’s patent-pending wool-based durability construction that makes these socks ready to take on the day. Unlike most wool socks, these are made with mesh venting, so your whole foot doesn’t have to feel as constricted in the way it might in another wool option. Additionally, these are made with cushioning to soften impact and keep those feet warm.

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Courtesy of Smartwool


4. Yoicy Thick Wool Socks


These wool socks are thicker than a bowl of oatmeal. These are the kind of socks you throw on when there’s a snow day. You know the kind of day we’re talking about. When you’re forced to stay home from work, light the fireplace up and slurp up numerous cups of hot cocoa. That said, they’re made primarily for at-home, shoeless comfort — unless you want to test them out in the wild with some boots on. While these aren’t 100% wool, they might as well be given just how warming they are.

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Courtesy of Amazon


5. Happy Socks Wool Mushroom Sock


Time to get a little funky. These wool socks from Happy Socks are perfectly named, just look at those mushrooms! A pair of socks like these are fun enough to put a little extra pep. They’re in no way office casual, but weirdly acceptable enough to take your interview suit-game up a step. Happy Socks has a lot of exciting wool socks that really change the way we cover our feet, so consider us obsessed.

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Courtesy of Happy Socks


6. Carhartt A118-4 Cold Weather Wool Blend Crew Socks


While these are all great options for chillier temps, these wool-blend socks from Carhartt are ready to keep your feet warm in below-freezing temperatures. These socks are highly recommended for dudes that work outside all day in more labor-intensive jobs. They’re super durable and are built to last the average consumer years upon years of wear without contracting any unwanted holes. Carhartt’s wool socks are the socks for heading out in the snow, too, whether it be for plowing, shoveling or simply walking. Plus, this variety comes in a four-pack to promise a real bang for your buck.

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Courtesy of Amazon


7. Darn Tough Light Cushion Standard Issue Mid-Calf Sock


These socks were made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do. These Merino wool mid-calf socks are the perfect socks for keeping your feet cozy and warm in the winter. Each sock is totally anti-microbial and breathable so you can strut around the streets all day long without any stink-related issues. With layered cushioning at the bottom, your feet will stay comfortable no matter how many miles you walk.

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Courtesy of Moosejaw


8. Boardroom Socks Merino Wool Over the Calf Socks


Getting all dolled up? Although most of us have foregone any formal event recently due to the ongoing pandemic, many folks are now vaccinated and heading back into the world. If that’s the case for you this winter, don’t dress yourself up just to neglect your feet. These merino wool over the calf socks from Boardroom Socks are the perfect, cold-weather-friendly take on a formal sock option you can snag for your next formal event. They’re extraordinarily lightweight to make putting your shoes on just that much easier and even include spandex for easy stretching. No, they aren’t as warm as your thick, dense wool hiking socks, but chances are you wouldn’t be wearing them to the office anyway.

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Courtesy of Boardroom Socks


9. REI Co-op Merino Wool Lightweight Hiking Quarter Socks


For those of you that can’t keep your feet off the local hiking trail, consider these quarter socks from REI. They’re made with lightweight Merino wool that keeps your feet cozy and sweat-free under all weather circumstances. The socks have reinforcement at the heels, toes, footbeds and Achilles so your feet stay as comfortable as possible even when trekking the toughest of terrain. All socks are quick-drying and moisture-wicking so you can take a step without fearing the worst, too.

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Courtesy of REI


10. Bombas Merino Wool Calf Sock


These merino wool calf socks are the perfect foot huggers no matter what season it is. They’re naturally moisture-wicking and ready to keep your feet as dry as the Sahara under sweaty circumstances. They have a number of form-fitting socks in a slew of colors and heights depending on your preferences, but these are perfect for layering under your favorite winter boots all winter long. Bombas is known for donating a pair of socks per each sock purchased, so you’ll know your money is going toward something worthwhile.

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Courtesy of Bombas


11. ADFOLF Warm Wool Socks


Though a majority of these options listed are moisture-wicking, these are probably the best moisture-wicking wool socks on the market. They’re totally inexpensive which makes them a great pick for anybody’s bank account and they’re thick as hell to keep warmth inside at all costs. These socks are as comfortable as can be, making them not only practical in terms of what they can do but also how they feel. We can even recommend these for people in tropical climates looking to get a little hiking done but don’t want their feet to get all sweaty.

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Courtesy of Amazon