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SPY Guide: 6 Foolproof Wardrobe Staples That’ll Have You Office Ready in Seconds

* Easy ways to look polished in no time flat
* Key wardrobe staples to wear again and again
* Versatile items to seamlessly integrate into any wardrobe and occasion

We’ve all been there: The slept-through alarm, the last-minute make-or-break meeting, or even just plain old morning brain fog. And in these situations, you need a quick way to look pulled together on the outside, so no one knows you’re scrambling on the inside.

Here are 6 key work wardrobe staples, for men and women, that are no-brainers to looking instantly presentable.

1. The Wrap Dress

The ultimate no-brainer when it comes to getting dressed, there’s no worry about finding a top that goes with a bottom when you throw on a dress. And even better – the wrap silhouette is forever flattering with any frump.

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Courtesy of Net-a-Porter


2. Tailored Ankle Length Pant

A well-cut pair of trousers can elevate anything from a simple silk blouse to a flimsy rock tee into an office-ready look. (Well, maybe keep the flimsy rock tee to more creative workplace cultures.)

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Courtesy Uniqlo


3. The Pencil Skirt

There’s a reason this skirt never goes out of style – its sleek lines and simple cut allow it to morph to any dress code with just the right top and shoes, especially when it’s in classic black.

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Courtesy of Uniqlo


4. Tailored Dark Blazer

Stitched from the highest quality wool and cupro, an engineered cotton, this blazer was created to be crease and even water-resistant. Just the thing when you have to hop on a last-minute red-eye for a surprise meeting. Keep one hanging in the office too to immediately dress up a T-shirt and jeans.

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Image courtesy of Uniqlo[/caption]


5. Smart Trousers

The tropical weight of these trousers can actually get you through three seasons — four if you find yourself in a mild East-Coast winter. The slim-but-not-too-clingy cut will easily integrate into the rest of your wardrobe. Try this dark navy color if you want a slight switch up from basic black, without losing functionality.

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Courtesy East Dane


6. No-Iron Shirt

If it’s one of those days you barely have time to get dressed and out the door to make it to work on time, then you probably don’t have time to iron, either. So skip that hassle with one of Uniqlo’s Easy Care shirts, created to stay crease free in any situation.

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Courtesy of Uniqlo

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