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SPY Guide: 5 Under-the-Radar Brands For Your Best Yoga Pants

* Five under-the-radar brands for yoga pants
* Discover wearable new innovations, from resistance to smart-chip features
* Minimal, high-tech, or in between, find the right pant for you

Whether you’re an experienced yogi or just getting started on the basics, the right gear for your practice is key. There’s nothing more distracting than clothes that don’t stay put or rub you the wrong way, so consider an investment in quality gear — the first step in attaining focus.

Here, we’ve rounded up five great leggings to help you perfect those asanas and – surprise – these brands may not even be on your radar, but they’re making best yoga pants around.

1. Under Armour Color Block Leggings

While Under Armour isn’t exactly an unknown, it’s been more of a go-to brand for traditional sports, like cycling, running, and golf. But their offerings for yoga and studio activities are just as high-performance as the rest of their line.

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2. Physiclo Resistance Tights

For those who want to take the physical benefits of their practice to a whole new level, these unique pants employ built-in resistance bands to push your body and make your every activity more productive than ever.


3. Wearablex Nadi X Pant and Pulse Leggings

Want to get better form, even when you’re not under the watchful eye of your favorite yoga teacher? These Wearablex leggings are embedded with technology that provides vibrational feedback to your hips, knees and ankles, and connect to your smartphone for recommended adjustments. It’s a little pricier than your Lulu’s, but worth it for the wearable tech response and feedback.

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4. J.Crew x New Balance Capri Leggings

J.Crew is a household name much like Under Armour, but they’re probably not the first place you’d think to get your yoga pants. Earlier this year, they launched a collaboration with New Balance for a preppy-meets-performance capsule collection of workout gear. Look for cheerful prints, like the palm motif here.

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5. Kira Grace Yoga Tights

Kira Grace’s yoga-centric line of activewear has been a favorite for yoga instructors and die-hards. The classic Grace Yoga tight is a minimalist’s dream – sleek, nearly seamless, and available in bright, striped and muted colors alike.

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