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Billie Eilish Linked up with Stance for Her Very Own Signature Sock

* Billie Eilish collaborates with Stance
* Socks feature an eye-catching neon green base and daring anime-inspired accents
* Bright and exciting socks that the perfect way to spice up any wardrobe

At only 17 years old, Billie Eilish has accomplished more than most will achieve in a lifetime. And as scary as it may sound, she’s only getting started. On the heels of the release of her number-one debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, Eilish is taking a step in the right direction with a collaboration with sock retailer, Stance.

Known for their brand of expressive socks, Stance feels like a perfect fit for this rising star. They’re a creative powerhouse that took one of the most boring items in any wardrobe and turned it into a conduit for self-expression.

The collection (outlined below) features an acid, neon green body with an anime-inspired (and delightfully sinister) character on either foot, which was drawn by Eilish herself. The socks, much like the artist, are uncompromising and bold. These are socks for the doers, the makers and those leading the charge. Socks that chart the paths to greatness, not for the feet that follow.

Eilish’s aesthetic challenges that of the average pop princess with over-sized t-shirts and silver hair, so this Stance collection feels right at home with her look. They’re almost frightening but in an awesome way. And for only $16 a pair, the price isn’t too scary, either.


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Image courtesy of Stance

You can snag yourself a pair of Billie’s signature socks at Stance starting today. And for those who love the music but can’t confidently rock a pair of neon green monster socks, Stance offers a wide array of options from the laidback to the loud, all within an affordable price range.