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Baby’s Gotta Have These Calf Hair Stilettos

* Louboutin is credited with the rebirth of the stiletto
*  Coveted by celebrities, A-Listers, stylists (and us)

* Buy them now so you can look amazing this Spring

The texture. The cutouts. The stiletto heels. The red soles. Is your heart beating faster? Ours too. Christian Louboutin shoes can do that to a girl.

We love them so much we almost don’t know where to begin. Let’s start with the name. The Campanina Genuine Calf Hair Lace-Up Sandal sounds oh-so-chic. As for the brand, Louboutin founded his luxury footwear label in 1992, debuting his signature red sole a year later (all the better to encourage backward glances as you walk away). The name is now synonymous with European craftsmanship, superior quality and sophistication to the max.

Crafted in Italy, this open-toed heel mixes the luxe texture of calfskin leather and calf hair to spice up the solid black color. The silhouette is sleek and sexy, with a 4-inch heel, sharp curves, revealing cutouts and a slim leather bow.

As with all of Louboutin’s shoes, the Campanina has a soft leather lining and leather sole, for the ultimate in comfort. And it comes with the signature dust bag in which to keep them until your next important night out. Wear them with a thigh-high slit occasion dress for maximum effect.

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