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These Loafers Are The Only Loafers You’ll Ever Need

* Perfect loafer for everyday wear from makers of the classic driving shoe
* Rubber tips in forefoot add much-needed grip
* Handcrafted in Italy

At some point, your wardrobe may call for a loafer. Assuming you don’t already have multiple pairs in rotation that is. But if you’re in the market for a pair, look no further than Tod’s classic black leather loafer.

Best known for its wildly popular Gommino driving shoe, Italian-based Tod’s has been handcrafting leather goods and shoes for decades. Yes, everything you’ve heard about the aforementioned shoes are true. But what of the loafers we have before us? It is safe to assume that the quality and craftsmanship that goes into Tod’s iconic Gommino driving shoe would also be seen in this black loafer? The answer is yes.

From the rubber-tipped bottom to the crossed tassels, Tod’s has elevated the classic moccasin-based slip-on to something a bit more luxurious, while retaining the easy natured, everyday wearability. Crafted from premium leather, the shoes feature a tailored silhouette and a slight raise at the heel to have you walking taller and prouder. Whatever your circumstances (office, dinner, walking the dog, etc.) you can dress these loafers up or down and never be out of place.

The slip-on loafer is an essential piece in every man’s wardrobe. The loafer as we know it today was first introduced in 1847 to the royal family and elites, by a bespoke shoe company in London who made a shoe to be worn in the countryside. Loafers have since evolved and come in a variety of styles for even the most discerning shopper.

If you’re going to buy one pair though, this is the pair to get. Backed by Tod’s inimitable quality and precise design, you’ll be wearing these shoes for years – whether you’re royalty or not.

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