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Check Out These Handcrafted Black Python Boxing Gloves

* Made from python and handcrafted in Los Angeles
* The perfect gift for the boxing lover in your life
* Celebrities can’t get enough of Weinstock’s exotic snakeskin accessories

We can’t say with any level of certainty that you’d want to wear a pair of python boxing gloves in an actual boxing ring, but we do know one thing: if you decide to lace up Elisabeth Weinstock’s Manila boxing gloves, you’ll at least look the part.

As an avid boxer, it makes sense that Weinstock would put the Manila boxing gloves at the center of her Sport Collection. Made from what appears to be a short tail python based on the pattern of the scales, each glove is approximately eleven inches by seven inches. The gloves lace up at the wrist and feature a lambskin logo patch at the top.

Successfully transitioning from an interior decorator to an accessories designer, Elisabeth Weinstock has been using exotic snake skins and leathers extensively throughout her eponymous brand since 2011. The Los Angeles native’s collection includes bespoke pieces for him, her and the home, as well as handbags and home furnishings, all made from various types of luxe skins and hides. You may have even seen some of her pieces being touted around by the likes of Usher, Justin Bieber (and Timberlake), Sarah Jessica Parker and the Jenner clan.

These snakeskin boxing gloves are available in black or blue. You might not be seeing these python boxing gloves in action, but they’re just as enjoyable on display.

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