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The One Cardigan Every Guy Should Own

* Classic shawl collar cardigan from Theory
* Attractive chunky knit with ribbed edges
* Made from high-quality wool for endless comfort

If you’ve still been avoiding the cardigan because you think it’s either too preppy or too stuffy, it’s time to reconsider. Stay warm and stylish this winter with this merino cardigan from Theory. The well-designed staple combines comfortable wearing with high-end fashion, proving the two things are not mutually exclusive. It’s neither too young nor too old; in fact, it’s just the piece you need right now.

This Theory cardigan features a classic shawl collar and all over ribbed edges to ensure both a comfortable fit and great look at the same time. The chunky knit provides warmth and makes the cardigan an ideal layering piece, over a buttoned-up shirt in the winter, and T-shirt in the spring. Two front pockets make for convenient storage and easy access to your personal items.

The versatile black color is easy to pair, while the wool and nylon blend is cozy yet breathable. The material is built to last; dirt wipes off easily, while the heavy-knit construction prevents pulling and fraying.

Founded almost 20 years ago, Theory is known for its New York-inspired garments, made to the highest standards of quality, fit and innovation. Designed for day to night dressing, and for all occasions, this is the one cardigan that will become your new favorite.

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