These Stylish $30 Glasses Feature Light Blocking Technology To Prevent Harmful Rays From Reaching Your Eyes

blue light blocking glasses prive revaux
Image courtesy of Prive Revaux

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* Extended exposure to blue light can cause eye strain and upset sleep cycles
* These glasses block out blue light and help restore natural rhythms
* They are all made by Prive Revaux and available for under $30

Do you ever find that after a long day of staring at your computer screen, smartphone, TV, laptop or generally any electronic device with a screen, your eyes feel strained. You might also notice that you don’t sleep well. You’re not alone. As the age of screen-containing technology increases, more and more of “blue light” is making its way into our lives, and that might not be such a good thing.

While there was plenty of blue light before screen-filled technology existed (it also comes from the sun), we were never exposed to this type of light constantly from morning to night. Before, when blue light exposure dropped with the sun, it became a signal to your brain to slow down and prepare for rest. But now, that signal rarely arrives until you put your phone or computer down in the moments before sleeping, thereby upsetting your sleeping cycle and causing unnecessary strain. This strain can result in frequent headaches and an increase in stress hormones.

While a simple answer would be to remove screens from your life, that’s not really a practical one. Many devices now offer a reduced blue light setting for use in the evenings, which is great for inducing this sleep preparation signal and reducing the pain associated with blue light. However, another solution is to reduce blue light exposure by wearing special blue light-blocking eyewear.

Below we’ve put together a list of 5 pairs of Prive Revaux sunglasses, all of which offer protection from blue light. They also look great and, best of all, are available for under $30. It’s rare to find such a great deal on blue light-blocking glasses, especially on those crafted by a top designer company. Take a look through this list and find the pair that best suits your style and gives you back control over your sleep cycle.

1. Prive Revaux The Savant

The Savant glasses are great for all kinds of occasions, whether you’re at home, at the office or even out with friends. The frames sport laser engraved logos on the temples and a comfortable nose bridge finish. They are great for men and women and also boast a tough injection molded polycarbonate finish. Celebs love these frames. We can’t help but notice how great they look on Jamie Foxx.

blue light blocking glasses prive revaux savant Image courtesy of Prive Revaux


2. Prive Revaux The Maestro

The Maestro is available in a choice of clear, black and brown and sports a slightly more academic look than the Savant. These frames also work for men or women and feature 3-barrel hinges to provide maximum comfort to the wearer. You’ll find they are easily matched with almost any outfit, making them a great choice for people with busy lives.

blue light blocking glasses prive revaux maestro Image courtesy of Prive Revaux


3. Prive Revaux The Galileo

Sporting a design most resembling a “classic” reading glasses style, the Galileo frames are great for around the house or at the office use. When you order, you’ll have the choice of champagne gold or gunmetal. Plus, the bridge sports PVC nose pads for a comfortable fit. To add further comfort, the arm ends are coated, allowing them to be worn for extended periods without worry.

blue light blocking glasses prive revaux galileo Image courtesy of Prive Revaux


4. Prive Revaux The Prodigy

With red and warm copper tort color choices available, the Prodigy is a great chance for those looking for an individual look. The unisex frames are made from grade AAA injection molded polycarbonate for a sturdy and durable build and feature stylish arms branded with the Prive Revaux name. These frames also manage to mix style and function, making them versatile enough for use at home, the office or out with friends.

blue light blocking glasses prive revaux prodigy Image courtesy of Prive Revaux


5. Prive Revaux The Alchemist

These limited-edition Alchemist glasses sport the most unique look out of the choices on this list. The bridge is braced with corrosion-resistant nickel silver, and you get the choice of deep chocolate tort, midnight navy and caviar when ordering. The design is completed with clear cellulose acetate arms for an appearance that’s sure to turn a few heads.

blue light blocking glasses prive revaux alchemist Image courtesy of Prive Revaux


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